The week that was

Dried flowers in a small bottle on top of a cardboard box.

It feels like midwinter is really upon us now.  The days have been grey and drizzly. The trees are bare.  And I’ve been reaching for my warmest wool jumpers.  Despite the chill, there have been some bright moments – blooming bulbs, snuggly cuddles and getting back on the exercise bandwagon.

This is how my last seven days looked…


Grape hyacinths in a pot on top of a garden table.

On Monday I was completely out of sorts. While Paul had an excellent night (he slept through), I did not – always the way isn’t it?! I felt ill and tired and really struggled to find the motivation to do anything.  Adam had a few errands to run in the afternoon so offered to take Paul out with him, which enabled me to an hour or so sleep.  I felt so much better after a nap, and am eternally grateful for the flexibility Adam’s job affords him. A bright spot in the day was spending a few moments admiring my grape hyacinths.  Like clockwork, these little beauties poked their purple-blue heads out of the soil on winter solstice. They’re now in full bloom and are adding some much needed colour to our back courtyard.


Baby boy laying on his mother's stomach.

Paul hardly sits still these days, forever scooting about the house to have a nose around. He’s happy and content for the vast majority of the day, but often has a whinge in the late afternoon. Most of the time a little one-on-one playing on the floor will set things right again.  Occasionally though, he’ll have a quiet cuddle on the sofa. As a tiny baby, Paul would happily nap for hours on my chest.  He grew out of the habit at about three months and I must admit I do miss that snuggly time. While our cuddles are never for long now (too much to see and do!),  they’re pretty lovely nonetheless. His warm little body seems to just mould into mine and for a minute or two, it feels like time stops.


Cat hiding amongst grasses, with farmland in the background.

During the height of COVID-19 restrictions, getting out for a daily walk with Paul felt like tonic for the soul. That fresh air and half an hour or so to tune out to a podcast became a little escape from the monotony of home. As rules eased and proper drizzly, foggy winter weather set in though, the walks started to drop off. Whilst outside conditions can be blamed for some of my cancellations, other days I was, honestly, just too lazy.  I am trying to get back in the habit though, and Wednesday’s walk was particularly nice. It was bright, but chilly – the sort of walk where you start out a little cold, but then develop that lovely warmth only exercise can bring. I even spotted an inquisitive cat, skillfully hiding in the long grass at the bottom of our estate.


A baby boy in a beanie watching ducks at a park.

On Thursday Paul and I met a friend and her daughter at a local park for a play date. We swung on the swings, played in the leaves, had a picnic lunch and fed the local duck population. Paul was fascinated by the ducks, carefully observing them.  Adam has very vivid memories from when he was young of feeding ducks with his father, and I can’t wait until Paul is a little older so the two of them can recreate that moment.  It was a really a lovely morning and after not being able to socialise for so many months this year, it still feels like a treat to be able to sit, talk and play with others.


Vases with dried wheat inside, sitting besides a picture of Australian wattle.

Friday.  A day at home.  A day of washing and sorting and folding.  Of eating leftovers for lunch, of watching the day get colder and darker.  A day of cozy jumpers and fluffy socks, of being a climbing frame for an energetic little person. A day of pottering, noticing the light and shadows being cast around the house.  A day of a quiet.


Snowdrops in a garden.

On Saturday Adam, Paul and I popped over to see Adam’s great aunt Rose (she’s technically a first cousin twice removed… but that’s a bit of a mouthful). We drank tea and ate buttered iced bun loaf around the heater, while Paul eyed off her artwork filled walls.  Rose has a fabulous garden, a little wild and full of an abundance of plants.  Tiny jonquils and snowdrops were already in flower and despite the grey, cold day it felt like a little reminder that spring was not too far away.


Looking down on feet standing on a grey and white yoga mat.

Sunday morning yoga, oh how I have missed you. I’d only been back at the gym (post childbirth) a few weeks when the COVID restrictions came into play. Although I’ve been able to access online classes, it just wasn’t the same as attending in person and I fully admit to slackening off. I was oh-so-sore after my first class back last weekend, but this time round I felt a little stronger and I’m hoping my muscles will soon remember what they used to be capable of.

How has your last week looked?

Adam, Paul and I are off on a little holiday later this week, so there’ll be no blog post this coming Monday.  I look forward to sharing a little of what we got up to soon.

Have a wonderful week, and catch you in a fortnight.

M. x

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