The confinement

Pink blossom.

I am now officially on maternity leave, or as my workplace likes to put it, in my ‘confinement period’.  I’m both amused and appalled by the term, as it feels a little archaic in this day and age.  To me it conjures images of a woman in a 19th century white cotton nightgown, sitting up in a four poster bed, gazing out of a window and watching the world go by.  In actual fact my leave so far has been anything but that…

My maternity leave has started a little earlier than I first anticipated, but due to a few ongoing factors my doctor decided it was best I had the opportunity to rest and fully unwind from ‘work mode’ before baby arrived. My biggest concern at starting that little bit earlier, was the fact I would lose that time at the end of my maternity leave period – but as the doctor rightly pointed out to me, baby needs me at my healthiest now, so it’s vital I’m in the best shape I can be.

I must admit, it wasn’t until I stopped that I realised how tired I actually was.  I don’t think I left the house in those first few days (so perhaps confinement is a rather apt descriptor!), quite content to potter about.  Now I’m relishing my ‘me time’ – spreading out errands over consecutive days, instead of cramming everything into a weekend; doing all the odd jobs I’d been putting off, as well as lots of cooking and baking; and scheduling in catch-ups with friends as well as a few little treats – like a trip to the hair salon.  I’m also very much enjoying being able to sneak off for a little afternoon naps on days when baby or other third trimester symptoms have kept me awake, and to have the house all to myself for hours on end.  I know all too soon, these little luxuries will be hard to come by!

After snuggling down into that ‘head first’ position a few weeks back, baby has since decided to firstly go transverse (lying across my tummy) and then breech (bottom or legs first) so I’m off for another ultrasound at the end of the week to see what’s happening.  While there is still time for my little person to do a handstand, my medical team need to start preparing for the possibility of a few different outcomes, so I’ve got quite a few appointments over the next few weeks.  I’m trying not to get too worked up or anxious about it, trusting in those I’ve enlisted to support me during the pregnancy, to help guide me in the direction that’ll be safest for baby and me.

Let the nesting and resting period begin!

Have a wonderful week. x




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