The week that was

Yellow seed pods on a branch.

Pops of colour on grey days, a gift from one of my littlest friends and comfort food – this is the week that was…


Grilled cheese on toast.

Is there anything more satisfying than grilled cheese on toast?  Especially on a cool, overcast day and especially when you’re heavily pregnant and seem to be hungry regularly. I made myself this little snack one afternoon while snuggled on the lounge under a blanket, watching the bare limbs of the trees outside flailing around the wind.  I think cheesy toast would have to be one of my favourite snacks – quick, simple and oh so tasty.


Looking down at a pregnant belly.

It’s been quite amazing watching my body change over the course of this year and seeing my belly swell as the baby inside gets bigger and bigger. My bump has become a constant companion, so much so, Adam remarked the other night how strange it’ll be when baby is born and the bump disappears.  I think he’s grown rather fond of my round tummy and watching the little life inside me wriggle about.  While we’re getting rather excited to meet our little person, I think it will miss those strange sensations inside of me too.


Passionfruit polenta cake.

Adam worked for most of Saturday so I decided to spend the day in the kitchen. I put on some music, whipped up a lasagne for dinner and also tried a new recipe – for a passionfruit polenta cake. Despite undercooking it slightly (it was a little soft in the very middle), I was satisfied with the end result.  It’s moreish, sweet without being too decadent, and pairs beautifully with a cup of tea at about 10:30am when breakfast feels like an age ago, but it’s still too early for lunch.


Muscari flower in jar on bedside table.

Sunday was abnormally mild and the break in the winter weather coincided with a lunch date with friends Tim and Sophie and their little boy, Eddie. We sat outside in their garden, feasting on minestrone soup, garlic bread and fruit and even managed to see the sun for a few minutes. Eddie picked me a flower during the course of the afternoon and made sure I left with it.  I decided such a special gift needed to be looked after, so the Muscari stem was popped in a tiny little bottle and placed on my beside table where it happily lived for a good few days.


Pink blossom in tree.

I had to pop into my doctor’s surgery on Monday for a routine blood test.   I can’t really remember a time before getting pregnant when I had a blood test, but now I feel like I’m an expert at them! I parked my car right near a tree that was full of soft pink blossoms and it was so lovely to see that little bit of spring starting to appear. The previous night’s wind had also managed to shake some of the petals off the branches, creating a pastel carpet underneath the tree. I think I could’ve quite happily spent the day underneath that tree, taking in all of its seasonal glory.


Canola in flower near Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.

On Tuesday I spent part of the day in Coolamon – a cute little town, about 20 minutes drive to the north of Wagga Wagga. In the company of some of Adam’s distant extended family, I browsed through little boutiques and had a big warming bowl of vegetable soup.  Dozens of paddocks between the two communities were full of flowering canola, a bright reminder (just like the blossom the day before) that warmer weather is on the horizon. While I’ll always be an autumnal gal at heart, I must admit seeing those bursts of colour, particularly after a long, grey winter, always makes me smile.


Table and artwork at The Ten Mile in Holbrook, New South Wales, Australia.

I spent part of Wednesday on the road yet again – this time accompanying Adam on a work trip to Albury. We stopped for an early lunch in Holbrook, and came across The Ten Mile, a relatively new cafe and event space that’s opened in the main street.  I loved the styling of the space, and the menu was pretty impressive too.  Adam had a delicious looking chicken and sweetcorn soup, while I couldn’t go past the croque monsieur (told you I was a sucker for grilled cheese!) If you’re passing through Holbrook, it’s well worth a stopping in.

How has your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

5 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. I’m right there with you with the cheese toast. Actually I had to make myself some the other day, because it’s been on my mind a while.

    Past 7 days… I did quite a bit of writing, so I’d take it as a good think.


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