What’s making me happy: February

Woman's legs on a bed besides a laptop.

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through February already?  Where is this year going, it feels like it’s genuinely zipping on by.

It’s time to take a look a what’s been making me happy this month…

Bagel with cream cheese.

Bagels and cream cheese

I had a hankering for a lightly toasted bagel smothered with cream cheese the other week, so a packet of wholemeal ones was popped into our weekly grocery shop.    During the really hot weather I was struggling to work out what I wanted to eat every morning.  If I know there are bagels waiting in the kitchen for me, it’s almost a form of motivation to get myself out of bed. Apart from plain cream cheese, I’ve also enjoyed bagels with smashed avocado and feta, as well as scrambled eggs.  Do you have a favourite topping for bagels?

Looking down at a woman wearing slippers on a jute rug.

Cooler temperatures

I know I’ve mentioned our hot January on more than one occasion, but it really was one for the history books.  Over the last week or so the temperatures have dropped off significantly, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of the summer heat now.  We’ve even had a few mornings below 10 degrees Celsius, which have felt almost Artic after so many weeks above 40! I’ve been loving snuggling under the covers in bed and I’ve even pulled on my slippers a few mornings.  I’m sure in the depths of winter, when there’s frost on the ground outside, I’ll be wishing the warm weather back, but for now these mild February days are absolute tonic for the soul.

Woman laying on bed watching Netflix.

Netflix binges

It’s hard to imagine the time before Netflix now, where you had to wait every week to see what was happening on your favourite show. Now, we watch on demand for as long as we want, and I tell you what when you’re feeling ill, Netflix is the best. During my week of feeling quite off, Netflix was a lovely companion.  Even though I slept for most of the day, when I was awake, I didn’t feel like reading or pottering about.  I just wanted to sit and be passively entertained. So I was.  My go-to panacea – Gossip Girl.  A guilty pleasure from a few years ago and just what I needed.

What’s been making you happy this last month?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

7 thoughts on “What’s making me happy: February

  1. I love bagels with cream cheese as well, though they’re not very easy to find here in Cairo.. I don’t like eating big breakfasts but I’m always in the mood for a lightly toasted bagel. Beautiful post and looks like a great month 🙂


  2. The bagel sound divine! I always enjoy late February as it marks the end of Summer and we get a few snippets here and there of the impending change of season to autumn. One of my favourite seasons, as it marks the change in food, wine and fashion as the days cool and the nights become brisk.


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