The calm of the open road

An empty road in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.

The other day Adam and I jumped in the car and just drove.  We didn’t have a specific route or end destination in mind… we just needed to get out of town for a bit.  We’ve both had fairly full-on months and when a day arose when we could just get away for a little while we did…

It was a gloriously sunny day, that wasn’t too hot.  It felt like the perfect sort of day to just take a drive.  As we headed south-west the landscape opened up and soon we were surrounded by vast brown plains, a stark contrast to the blue sky above us.

Plains in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.

We drove down main roads, took a few dirt roads, almost got lost a couple of times, but without panic. We spotted emus, a trio of wallabies, a baby goanna and even a mob of escaped sheep.  There were sing-alongs, conversations and times where we just sat in comfortable silence and watched the landscape whizz right by.

A few towns were visited, quiet and sleepy, but with a unique rustic beauty all of their own.  After four hours away we made the journey home, a little weary but satisfied that  our thirst for exploring was quenched.

Empty road in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.

It was only in the days after that I realised road-trips are sources of calm for me.  This year I’m trying to create more calm in my everyday, and focusing on the road, out of phone reception with just Adam by my side left me feeling quiet and satisfied.  Sometimes it’s not about time-alone with candles and a book (although I love that too!) – sometimes it’s about being somewhere with someone with no particular agenda.  I’m discovering calm can mean so many different things, at so many different times and it’s enlightening to be conscious of what’s having a positive effect on your mood.

I’m interested to learn what makes you calm?

Have a wonderful week. x

7 thoughts on “The calm of the open road

  1. Beautifully said.. I love those kinds of impromptu road trips with no itinerary, and they’re so great for quality time as well because they force you to leave the TV, internet and everything else behind. No distractions and just an open road to clear your mind.


  2. Interesting post once again, for me, being in the mountains, whether walking, travelling through or just having them as part of the scenery gives me a feeling of complete calm and happiness. I am not sure if it is the sense of solitude, the feeling of adventure, the crispness of the air or the visual grandeur of the setting, but the overwelling feeling of being at peace gets me every time.


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