A morning on Mt Glorious

Forest on the D'Aguilar Range near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

First of all, I just wanted to say a big thank-you for all of you who got in touch last week to wish me well.  I really appreciate your kind words and they did wonders while I was  feeling rather poorly.

Today I want to take you to a stunning spot, just outside of Brisbane.  I mentioned my little trip to Mt Glorious the other day on the blog and I’m still thinking about the few hours I spent enclosed in misty forest…

Mt Glorious is a tiny little village, set on the D’Aguilar Ranges to the north-west of Brisbane. You feel like you’re a million miles from anywhere, but in fact most of the range is within an hour’s drive from the Brisbane CBD.

The road to Mt Glorious, Queensland, Australia.

The morning Adam and I went on our little drive, there’d been summer showers of rain quietly falling.  The type, where it pours for five minutes and then the clouds disappear and it’s sunny again.  The higher we drove into the range though, the mistier the cloud became. The road was surrounded by tall gums and verdant, lush undercover and when you added in the low-lying cloud, it really felt quite magical.

The village of Mt Glorious itself was a quiet collection of cottages – some looked like they had the most amazing views over the countryside below.  We stopped at the aptly named Mt Glorious Cafe for a coffee and to watch birds dart between the palms and shrubs in a quirky outdoors garden.  The cafe is full of 1950s memorabilia and appears to be very popular for motorcyclists, so if you’re a fan of either I’d recommend a visit.

Outlook on the D'Aguilar Range looking towards Lake Wivenhoe, Queensland, Australia.

We carried on a little further up the road, stopping at a lookout, which provided a vista towards Lake Wivenhoe- the main source of Brisbane’s drinking water.

Looking up at gum trees on the D'Aguilar Range, Queensland, Australia.

Adam and I had a lovely stroll through the forest, breathing in that heady earthen scent that comes after rainfall and keenly listening to the birds hiding in the trees around us.  I noticed dozens of wattle plants, some still with fluffy buds attached to the branches, and the tiniest little blue flowers growing on low- growing ground cover type plants.  If you’re able to identify either, please let me know!

Wattle plant growing on the D'Aguilar Range, Queensland, Australia.

Tiny blue flower on D'Aguilar Range, Queensland, Australia.

We finished our little adventure by the banks of a rather low Lake Wivenhoe, but the dramatic sky made up for the lack of water.

Lake Wivenhoe, Queensland, Australia.

Adam and I were only on the road for a few hours, but it was such a nice little drive.  We passed dozens of pretty looking picnic spots, which would be perfect for a long, lazy Sunday lunch. It’s definitely on the agenda for next time we visit Brisbane.

Have a wonderful week. x

4 thoughts on “A morning on Mt Glorious

  1. I don’t feel like hiking in such weather. Kudos to you for not getting discouraged.
    It does have a nice mystique atmosphere about it, which is cool.
    Good to hear you’re back on your feet.


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