What’s making me happy: January

Bouquet garni against grey wall.
“She often climbed up the hill and lay there alone for the mere pleasure of feeling the wind and of rubbing her cheeks in the grass. Generally at such times she did not think of anything, but lay immersed in an in an inarticulate well-being.” – Summer, Edith Wharton.

 Last year I started noting down every season a few things that were making me smile.  Most of the time they were little observations, kind acts or simple pleasures to do with that time of the year. I loved writing those blog posts and found the act of sitting and writing about these little things really cathartic.  It was such a good reminder, that even during what feels like a standard week/month there are moments of magic in the ever day.

So in 2019, I’m upping the ante.  Every month I’m going to stop and reflect on what’s making me smile, starting with January…

Gifts from the garden: The other day we caught up with some of Adam’s distant relatives.  They came bearing a homegrown summer squash and a jar full of aromatics, like rosemary, sage, mint and citrus leaves arranged like a bouquet of flowers.  Both were just excess from the garden, but it’s so nice to receive something that’s been tenderly cared for and then harvested.  The bouquet garni smells divine and makes me feel like I’m living in some rustic French farmhouse.

Bouquet garni in jar beside set of draws, with small terracotta pot sitting on top.

Salads for dinner: It’s been a super hot beginning to the year, and when the weather is so ghastly I often find it hard to know what I feel like eating. As much as I’d like it, one cannot sustain themselves on iced coffees, chilled fruit and cheese platters alone! So I’ve been scouring my cookbook collection for hearty salad recipes that are both fulfilling and require little time and energy in the kitchen.

Hetty McKinnon's lentil and brussel sprout salad.

Post Christmas de-cluttering: Every January I like to sort through my wardrobe and removed all the things I no longer wear or need.  Binge watching a few episodes of Marie Kondo’s new series on Netflix last weekend, has only added to the motivation! I’ve operated with a fairly modest rotation of clothes these last few years, and discovered I really like having a small but agile selection of things that I can easily mix and match.  Even though I had a very thorough clean-up when we moved back to Australia  from England, I know there are items sitting in my cupboard that at the time, I thought I couldn’t part with, but in actual fact have sat there unworn for the last 12 months.  After not spending a great deal on clothes over the last few years, I have splurged on a few new items for summer these last few months to replace things that have reached the end of their life.  It’s been so good to do a big organise and get everything straightened up for the year ahead. Having an organised wardrobe makes me feel organised and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at me.

What’s been making you happy in January?

Have a wonderful weekend. x


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