The week that was

Corner of a diary showing January.

Weeks are funny old things.  Sometimes they feel like they go forever, other times they whizz by in a flash.

Here’s a peek into what my last seven days looked like…


Dark storm clouds hover over a white tin roof in Australia.

I had the day off from work and spent most of it pottering around home, tidying up and running errands in town.  A big old storm started to build up in the afternoon and Adam and I couldn’t believe how angry the sky got as dinner time arrived. I snapped this picture just before the wind started gusting, bringing dust, lightning and beautiful soaking rain.


Barefoot woman holding a Christmas card featuring a dog standing in the snow.

A belated Christmas card arrived in the mail today from friends Lee and Claire in England. It’s always so nice to receive post, that isn’t a bill.  The picture on the front is Lee and Claire’s dog Spencer, possibly the most lovable, lazy lurcher you’ll ever meet.  We’re into yet another heatwave here, so even though it’s mid January I think I’ll keep this card out, just to remind me of cooler times.


A bed, bedside table and lounge chair of a hotel in Hay, New South Wales, Australia.

I headed to Hay on Wednesday with a work colleague for a trip. It’s about three hours drive from  Wagga Wagga, so often when we head out that way it’s an overnight trip.  We had an excellent day gathering stories, but were both pretty exhausted by the time evening rolled around.  After an early dinner, we settled into our rooms for the night and it felt so luxurious being able to crawl into bed at around 8pm!


Farmland in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.

On the road again, this time back to Wagga Wagga. Even though there have been a few summer storms over the last few weeks, the region is still very much in the grip of drought. The Australian landscape is remarkably resilient however.  It always amazes me, after so many months without rain how trees, grasses and animals continue on, sometimes working at ‘half speed’, but still surviving.


Elderflower plant in bloom against a timber retaining wall.

Just before Christmas, Adam and I got stuck into our back garden.  We pulled out plants that weren’t doing so well, moved others and potted up some new additions.  We bought this elderflower on a bit of a whim, with visions of making our own elderflower cordial.  It seems to have settled into its spot in the garden well and it’s flowers seem to be attracting more flies than bees at the moment.  If you’ve got any recipes for elderflower recipes, please let me know!


Rooftops in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

It was my weekend to work and while I often grumble about that fact, I also really enjoy having the office to myself.  I relish the quiet time and find it productive.  Even though my office is right in the middle of town, surrounded by cafes, shops and pubs it always surprises me how silent everything feels on the weekend, almost like an empty film set.


Hand holding coffee mug with heart drawn in it.

Another work day, but it’s much easier to face when this is what you wake up to.  After months of discussing it, Adam and I recently purchased a coffee machine.  Adam often tries to draw something in the milk of my coffee and I think this heart is his best creation yet!

What did you get up to over the last seven days?

Have a wonderful week. x

4 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Those cafes around your workplace would have me not getting very much work done! How do you manage to keep yourself away from them?
    One of my favourites is particularly close to your workplace. I wouldn’t have the will power to keep staying away.


    1. Yes, the office is in a rather convenient location for a number of establishments! A few of them have had extended shutdowns over Christmas/New Year, so that’s helping curb visits at the moment ;).


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