What’s making me happy: February

Head of a stem of Cologne mint.

It’s been a quiet month so far in our household due to Adam travelling extensively for work and the entire family sharing a rather nasty summer cold.  As a result we’ve not ventured too far these last few weeks, so much of what’s made me smile this month has related to simply being at home…

Summer storms and rain

Raindrops on an orange tree's leaves.

We’ve had super unsettled weather here for the last fortnight or so and it feels like everyday the weather bureau predicts the possibility of thunderstorms. Some days we watch the clouds build up in the sky all day long, only to see them disappear again as the evening draws in.  One night last week though we scored 15 millimetres of rain overnight.  Both Adam and I must of been exhausted as we didn’t hear it all, but it was so glorious to wake up the following morning and see the garden was damp.  Everything was still and cool and it felt like a real fresh start. We haven’t had the torrential rain so many other parts of the state have recently received, but I’m holding out hope we’ll get a little more rain over the next few weeks.

Propagating herbs

Stem of Cologne mint.

I was recently gifted a few sprigs of Eau de Cologne mint. It looks a little more ornate than the regular run-of-the-mill mint, has a slightly headier (almost citrus like) scent, and pretty little purple flowers.  I decided I’d like to plant some in our garden, so popped one of the cuttings in a glass bottle and left it on the window sill in the kitchen.  Within a week the mint had started to sprout roots and I think I should be able to plant it in some soil over the coming days.  I imagine the mint would look quite spectacular in full bloom in a pot and would be a magnate for the neighbourhood bees.

Home baked bread

Loaf of home made bread.

When Adam and I lived in England Adam became a little obsessed with baking bread. For almost a whole year we didn’t buy a loaf, feasting every few days on one of his homemade sourdough loaves.  We’d slather thick, crusty slices with butter, honey and sea salt and whenever I smell freshly baked bread I’m instantly transported back to our old kitchen in Worcestershire. When we returned to Australia Adam couldn’t quite find a flour that worked for him, so the regular bread baking ceased. We popped in to a bulk food shop in town the other day and discovered they had quite an extensive range of flours.  Adam picked one he liked the look of and baked a quick loaf one Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to have a beautiful home made loaf to cut into and I’m rather hoping this means fresh bread will be making return appearance a little more often.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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