What’s making me happy: June

Red and yellow chrysanthemums.

How’s your June going so far? Winter feels like it’s finally arrived here in Wagga Wagga and I can’t quite believe we’re halfway through the year already. I know we’re only a few weeks in, but this is what’s been making me smile over the last few weeks…


Autumnal leaves on a tree against a grey sky.

After so many dry months, the rain is starting to fall semi-regularly again.  The drought in New South Wales is far from over (it’s going to take a lot of rain to break that), but getting a grey day and a few millimetres of rain every fortnight or so, is doing wonders for my soul.  I adore the sound of rain on the roof and the cozy days that it brings.  While I love the fact my part of Australia often has stunning blue-skied winter days, I relish those cool, grey days too where the clouds lay low overhead.  When I lived in England a lot of people asked me how I coped with the weather – I can tell you after living through a few droughts, I never take rain for granted.


Hass avocado sitting on a black and white marbled surface.

I struggled to eat breakfast during the first half of my pregnancy on account of morning sickness.  Every day it was difficult to find something I wanted to eat and could keep down.  Now I’m over that hurdle, breakfast has probably become my favourite meal of the day.  At the moment I’m enjoying porridge with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries first up, but it’s my second breakfast (the one I eat at work between about 9:30-10:30am) that I’m the most excited for.  It’s simply a toasted seeded sourdough breadroll, slathered in butter, a generous portion of avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice.  I’ve been eating it every day for weeks now and am still not sick of it, and I’m sure I could probably repeat the snack again in the afternoon and still enjoy it just as much.


Candle on beside table, beside bed.

For the last few weeks Adam’s been really struggling to sleep and sleep well.  I’d suggested some time ago that maybe we should try ‘phone free evenings’ where we put our mobiles away at a certain time and then not look at them until the next morning, so we get out of the habit of mindless scrolling, particularly just before bed.  The other night we decided to give it a go and Adam had a wonderful night’s rest.  Our phones were still in the room with us – (Adam’s was switched off, mine was on silent set with an alarm for the morning) but we resisted picking them up.  Instead of looking at our phones when we got into bed, we lit a nice candle, had a snuggle and just talked until we both got sleepy.  It was really nice to completely switch off and we’re repeating that little ritual most nights.  I’m tempted to buy an alarm clock now so we don’t even have to have the phones in the room with us.

What’s been making you smile in June?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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