Looking down on a baby bassinet besides a bed.

Over the last few days something quite extraordinary has come over me – an innate desire to prepare for baby.  It’s almost like some sort of switch has been turned on and suddenly all I can think about is this little human and making sure the house is ready for them…

It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about – Adam and I have already started to put a few things away for bub, but this last week I almost feel like a woman possessed.  It’s quite primal really.  Just like a mother bird spends weeks building a nest, so too now am I.

Over the weekend we did a big room swap – what was our guest bedroom has been moved into what was Adam’s home office. Adam still has his desk set up in what will be baby’s room, but as the little munchkin will be in our room for the the first few months, we know he’s got a little while before he has to ‘vacate’.  It’s a beautifully light room that looks out over a garden, so it feels like a peaceful place for a baby.  In the process we also cleaned out the wardrobes in both rooms and now have a huge pile of stuff ready to go to either charity or the tip.  Even though the baby’s room isn’t completely empty, knowing we have space set aside for a cot and a change table has put my mind at ease.

There’s also now a bassinet set up in our bedroom with clean sheets, ready to go.   Every time I look over at it, I can’t help but glance down at my ever increasing bump and think about how that bassinet will soon have a little person inside of it.  I’ve started to stockpile things like baby wipes and my list making has gone into overdrive!  I feel I’m at a stage in my pregnancy now where I can be putting away a few small bits every week, so then when my maternity leave starts (and I probably don’t feel like traipsing around the shops) I can relax and await baby’s arrival.

Over the next few weeks I’d also like to clean-out and re-arrange the pantry and even though baby won’t be spending much time there… I also have a desire to give the garage a good clean-out too.

Mamas, what were your nesting instincts like?  And did they come on strong and stay that way, or ebb and flow?  I’d love to know!

Have a wonderful week. x

2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Totally sorted out the bathroom cabinet before Eddie arrived! Categorised all the medicines etc! Oh and cleaned the skirting boards! Its all super primal! xxx


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