The morning calm

Succulent in the dark of morning, sitting on a windowsill.

In 2019 I’m striving to create more moments of calm in my everyday life.  At the start of this year, I stumbled across the concept of a ‘word of the year’ as opposed to making a resolution, and it was something that really resonated with  me.

While I’ve still had stresses over the last six months, I’d like to think that when a situation arises I’m now a lot of more conscious of counteracting that with calmness. Just the other day though I had the realisation that I’d also subconsciously created a daily calming ritual without even noticing…

Unless circumstances or ill health gets in the way, Adam and I go to bed together every night.  Generally though I fall asleep first, and then am the first to rise the next day. After my eyes have readjusted to the hazy morning light, I peel myself out of bed and make my way into the kitchen where I put the kettle on for the first cup of tea for the day.

The house is quiet and dark and as the water starts to boil, I go around and open up the blinds to see what the outside world looks like. I love the stillness of the morning, when the first light is just appearing in the sky and everything feels new again after the chill of the night before. I always tend to stand and stare out the window, even if it’s just for a few minutes, making mental notes of colour of the clouds, if a plant has started flowering, or how much dew is sitting on the grass.

Usually by that stage the kettle’s whistling at me and go about making the tea – black with a good jiggle of the bag for me, and with a dash of milk  and bag in for Adam. Steaming mugs in hand, I then make my way back to bed, where Adam is generally stirring.

Up until the other day, I hadn’t really though much of that daily routine.  It just happened every day, but upon reflection it’s a quiet ritual – a few moments of calm before the day proper begins.  At times this year, I’ve felt as though I’ve had a better grip on dealing with stress, and I’m beginning to wonder if this little schedule of events, carried out solo, often in the dark, is responsible for that.

Do you have any ‘calming’ rituals or routines?

Have a wonderful weekend. x



2 thoughts on “The morning calm

  1. Adam is a monster. I wanted to write that earlier, but I bit my tongue. I cannot do that again today, since my tongue seems to be missing. I might have bitten it off completely.

    You do not leave a teabag in as you drink! It creates a bitter flavor. Experts say that the tea is more “drying” if you leave it in, but I’m not sure what that means. Adding milk to your still steeping tea will lower the temperature of the brew, not allowing the tea flavor to fully develop. Hence, mediocre tea.

    Show him the right way.

    Your routine sounds great. Very calming indeed. However, since I’m not a morning person, I only do that kind of thing (watching the outside) on the weekends.I like to take a walk on my work break. That helps me re-center.


    1. Oh Goldie- your comment made me laugh! I’m definitely not a ‘tea bag in’ sort of person, but it’s how he likes it 🤷‍♀️. I love walks too – in fact Adam and I had a lovely little trot around our neighbourhood park this morning and I swear it made us both much more productive today. Have a fabulous weekend 😊.

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