Creating moments of calm

Book and candle on a timber tray surrounded by blankets.

Do you ever have weekends where you intend to knock a dozen things off your to-do list – and then it just doesn’t happen?

That was my weekend.  So instead of beating myself up about it I decided to turn to my ‘word of the year’ and just remain calm…

I haven’t been operating at 100 per cent this last week.  I’ve been a little under the weather, a little sick of the ongoing heatwave and generally just floating through each day in that mid-summer haze that seems to envelope Australia in January.

On Sunday morning we woke to the coolest day we’ve had in weeks.   I thought it presented the perfect opportunity to get through all those tasks I’d been putting off, but after a yoga class and picking up groceries for the next few days, the last thing I felt like doing was jobs.

Normally I’d guilt myself into soldiering on, making use of my free hours to get everything done, so I could take it easy through the week.  On Sunday though, I decided I wanted calm.  To enjoy this rare comfortable day, to rejoice at the grey overcast sky and to just sit and smile at the few drops of rain that managed to squeeze themselves out of the clouds.  So I did.

I napped, took an early shower and changed into my pyjamas, lit a scented candle and caught up on some reading.  I lazed about, daydreamed and then napped again some more.  I did nothing and it was bliss, and you know what, the world didn’t come tumbling down when those jobs on my list didn’t get done.

Sometimes we need a bit of calm in our lives and I think it’s important to know when to embrace it.  It’s funny, but as soon as I was weighing up in mind how I felt on Sunday my word of the year came straight to mind. I like that it’s cemented itself in the forefront of my thinking, even just a few weeks into the new year. I just knew I needed a bit of calm, so that’s what I gave myself.

Here’s to finding moments of calm and not being guilty about it.

Have a wonderful week. x

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