Clean and rearrange

Dried wattle beside a stack of books.

I’ve become a bit of a homebody these last few weeks, and to be honest I’ve loved it. The end of last year was busy with my wedding, I worked all through Christmas and New Year, and this month’s been so hot, so I’ve been relishing having quiet time at home.

In pottering about, I’ve started to deep-clean and rearrange a few areas of the house, starting with a set of shelves in the sitting room…

Bookshelves filled with flowers, artwork, postcards, photos and knick knacks.

Shelves are one of those things I always tell myself I’ll give a wipe once a week, but never do.  I was amazed (and a little ashamed!) at the amount of dust that I found, and can’t believe how much fresher the whole room felt after gave the shelves a good clean.

With a blank canvas I started to slowly go through all the books and other bits and pieces Adam and I had displayed. A few things got discarded, others were put away and I started to amass a few other possessions from around the house that I wanted out on display – a picture of the railway station in Great Malvern, once owned by Adam’s dad, my small collection of antique bottles, a spare card from the set I sent out as wedding thank-yous, and a bottle full of wattle from last spring, which I managed to successfully dry.

Card with picture of a hare sitting beside two old bottles.

Books with black covers stacked together.

I had a lovely time arranging and then rearranging.  I tried the whole ‘backwards books’ look which I’ve been seeing in my social media feeds for months, but I just couldn’t like it.  Not on those shelves, not in that spot, so I stuck with my previous coloured coordinated approach, intermingling our personal effects in between to tell a bit of a visual story about us.

Bottle of dried wattle beside stack of yellow coloured books.

We’ve entertained a few people since I overhauled our shelves, and I’ve got a real kick out of a few people asking me about certain items on display on the shelves.  I really like how open shelving can generate conversation and that each item is within reach, not locked away behind a door or glass.  If you cherish love something… even if it is an old post card or a dog-eared book, it’s nice to be able to see it, touch it, smell it.

Has the clean and rearrange bug bitten you this January?  I’d love to know what you’ve been doing around house too.

Have a wonderful weekend. x

6 thoughts on “Clean and rearrange

  1. One of fridge magnet goals is to de-clutter the house using Marie Kondo method, starting with clothing in January, then documents in Feb and books in March and so on. I am dreading book month as I love books, but casting an eye over our bookshelves there are a few books that didn’t bring me joy and are earmarked to go. However back to the clothing month, the Salvos have enjoyed a bumper contribution from our household this month with many items not seeing the light of day for some years or what was I think when I purchased this! With a few days to go another couple of hefty bags will be heading their way as we do the last of the wardrobes. We definitely feel better and happier now that we have a abundance of spare coathangers.


    1. It feels good doesn’t it Larry, to rid yourself of unwanted things. These last few years I’ve been quite mindful of unnecessary consumerism and I’ve realised I’m happiest when surrounded only by the things I love. I hope the continued decluttering goes well!


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