The healing power of tea

Woman sitting under a black and white wool check blanket holding a cup of tea.

The other week I found myself in the unenviable position of not being able to ‘switch off’.

I’d had an exhausting day at work, both emotionally and mentally, and I was still digesting some heartbreaking news involving some friends in the U.K.

My mind just wouldn’t shut down.  I couldn’t concentrate, I felt twitchy and knew I needed to eat, but didn’t feel hungry.  After an evening of TLC by wonderful fiancé and a deep, uninterrupted sleep I felt 100 times better.

So starting from last weekend, I’ve been trying really hard to look after my soul and I’ve found one thing that’s helped me…

Instead of folding laundry one afternoon I sat quietly and had a cup of tea.  I turned my phone screen-side down, opted to not pick up my book and just sat quietly sipping at the warm, soothing liquid in my mug.  I admired the autumnal sunshine streaming through the windows and watched a flock of cockatoos flying over the river flats in the distance. It was utterly blissful to just sit and not do anything.

I think sometimes one can forget the intense healing powers a cuppa and a sit-down can bring. To just switch off, even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes is truly restorative.

Hand holding mug.

It’s a little ritual I’m trying to repeat every day.  A little time for me where I’m free of distractions and can just breathe, think and gain perspective on whatever is dominating my thoughts at the time.

I find a quiet environment works best for me – somewhere away from radios, televisions and others talking.   I spend my days in a noisy, open plan office in an industry dominated by discussion and questions, so to me, a little break in the quiet feels heavenly.

Hand holding cup of tea.

It’s such a simple thing and something that’s so easy to do. You don’t need much, yet it gives so much back.  It doesn’t even need to be tea – it could be anything… the point is, it’s an opportunity to just sit, a meditation of sorts I guess.

What do you do when you need to switch off and calm down?

Have a wonderful weekend. x


4 thoughts on “The healing power of tea

  1. We joke sometimes about the apparent English perception that “a cuppa” fixes everything, but I love the custom. Thank you for reminding me of how refreshing it is just to STOP and reflect.


    1. Hi Angela! I think we all need reminding from time to time that it’s ok to do nothing occasionally. Life is so busy these days, sometimes you’ve just got to unplug! Have a wonderful weekend. X

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  2. Oh yes, a cup of tea can save the day and make everything better. It’s one of my rituals to make a cup when I arrive at work and to have another in the afternoon. At home, I usually drink a cup in the evening after a long day.


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