Quiet time

Flat lay of a black cup of tea and open magazine.

It’s been a hectic few months. Between my family’s visit from Australia and a few other trips Adam and I had organised earlier this year, it feels like we’ve barely had a weekend to ourselves for weeks and weeks.

After picking up my second cold in three months the other week,  I decided some much needed quiet time was definitely on the agenda…

It’s funny isn’t it, how as children a ‘time out’ is seen as a punishment, yet as an adult it’s a luxury to be savoured. Over the last few days I’ve been trying to live a little more mindfully. To still do what needs to be done (washing, cooking, working etc.) but to do it at my own pace and with plenty of breaks in between.

I’ve been savouring the rapidly developing autumnal hues starting to envelope the Malvern Hills.  It’s been so long since I had a ramble and I took a walk the other day that made me stop and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.

The misty Malvern Common in Worcestershire, England on an autumn's day.

Wells Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, England in late September.

Autumnal looking garden in Malvern, Worcestershire, England.

Adam and I made the time to catch up with a friend for dinner, whose birthday we’d missed a few weeks earlier due to family commitments and I had a lovely, long video chat with a dear friend in Australia one morning. It didn’t matter that I was still in bed, in my pyjamas, bleary eyed and drinking my morning cup of coffee, it was just nice to have a proper natter and not have to rush off to do something else.

My daily tea consumption has increased on account of the grey, cloudy weather we’ve been experiencing and I’m finally getting to have a proper read of a favourite Australian magazine my mum gave me as a present while she was visiting.

Magazine laying on a grey and white duvet.

Our kitchen window has started fogging up when we cook dinner now and the longer nights mean the fairy lights are back on and I’m getting all hygge again.

Fogged up window surrounded by fairy lights.

Winter is definitely coming and the calendar is starting to fill up as the last part of the year draws near, but for now I’m loving quiet time and the peaceful bliss it brings.

Have a lovely weekend. x

PS: This blog turned one this week! A whole year of documenting life abroad. Thank you for following along and for all the comments, advice and friendship you’ve provided me during that time.  Now, a little favour:  Is there anything you’d like to see more/less of? Topics you’d like to hear about? I’d love to know :).

2 thoughts on “Quiet time

  1. As adults, we have so many commitments that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves before it’s too late and. we catch a cold. I agree we need to spend more time slowing down. Your photos from your ramble catch the essence of autumn and are lovely.


    1. Hello Juliana! I totally agree with you about forgetting to look after ourselves. We should relish and make opportunities to just have some quiet time. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a week. It’s such a luxury to be self indulgent. Enjoy it, I say! Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy the rest of your week. X


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