The sleepy garden

A conifer and ground dwelling plant growing in an English garden.

Summer seems like a bit of a distant memory now. The days are cooler, shorter and darker and leaves are falling from the sky like giant, colourful raindrops.

I was amazed by our little Malvern garden during the warmer weather. Every week it felt like a new flower or plant was blooming and the air was thick with the sound of bees buzzing about.

Our little patch of green has been slowly falling asleep over the last few weeks, but it’s still proving to be a source of inspiration…

At the start of autumn I gave myself a challenge to continue to forage in the garden for greenery that I could make into posies to bring into the house. I’d enjoyed picking flowers over summer and wanted to keep it up.

An English cottage garden.

A few weeks ago Adam and I hosted a dinner party, so to join a cluster of candles on the table I went to a bush that previously had been full of purple flowers. They’d faded to an almost burgundy brown and the plant’s leaves had dried, giving them that ‘crunchy’ autumn like look. The stems lasted for a good two and half weeks with regular water changes and I was rather pleased with the way they looked in a jar.

Fading stems in an English cottage garden.

Overhead shot of purple-burgundy coloured flowers in a jar on a dark timber table.

I’ve snipped off long branches from a bush covered in tiny red berries, that I utilised last Christmas when wrapping presents, and the sparse single stems are now sitting in a large water jug on a small table in our landing.

Bush in English garden covered in small red berries.

Long green stems sitting in a water jug on a small wooden table.

There is a large conifer right near our front door that’s home to a very large family of tiny spiders. As I watching one little spider weave a web I became aware of the lovely smell of the tree. I’ve walked past it hundreds of time, but never been acutely aware of that lovely pine scent.

I cut off a few small branches and they too are now living in a water filled jar in the bedroom. With a lighted candle nearby, our mantle is looking very festive!

Conifer branches in a jar on a mantle, besides a lighted candle.

I’ve got a feeling as the season moves along, it’ll be greenery rather than flowers that’ll be grouped in vessels around the house. Although I do love fresh blooms in the house, the branches are a nice change. They’re more sculptural and I’m looking forward to seeing what different shapes, colours and textures I can incorporate into my bunches.

Do you have a favourite tree or bush you like to collect greenery from? What it is and what draws you to the leaves?  I would love some further inspiration!

Have a great Monday. x


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