Christmas in the air

Close up picture of a chunky weave knit

I can’t believe it’s almost four weeks since Adam and I arrived in Malvern – the days are just flying by! I had the sniffles at the start of the week, so that combined with a few very rainy days has curtailed my exploration of the countryside.

Raindrops on a balcony window overlooking an autumnal landscape
It’s been perfect soup and socks weather this week!

I’ve been using the downtime to think about Christmas – which will be pretty special this year, as it’ll be my first ‘winter’ festive season.

Being in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s Christmas always falls in the middle of summer. My family generally has a traditional roast turkey for Christmas lunch but the heat means the air-conditioning gets turned on early so the kitchen doesn’t become unbearable. It’s the only type of Christmas I know but so much of the imagery, music and stories about December the 25th reflect the northern hemisphere, which is why I think I’m looking forward to the day so much.

There are little signs all around Malvern that December is almost upon us. The autumn colour is quickly dissipating and more and more of the trees now have naked branches.

A few autumn leaves cling onto a mostly bare tree

There is real life holly coming to life in gardens and woodlands, which I’m a little embarrassed to admit, makes me ridiculously excited.

A holly bush

Adam and I are getting super excited to buy a tree from a close-by farm (which in our new red living room will look a treat!), and once we’ve moved into our new home I’m looking forward to doing some baking. The doyenne of English home-style cooking and Great British Bake Off fame, Mary Berry, has a rather delicious sounding recipe for ginger spiced pudding I’m keen to attempt.

I’m also wholeheartedly embracing knitwear in all its manifestations: beanies, gloves, scarves and jumpers.

Close up picture of a chunky weave knit
Loving the chunky detail in my new beanie.

It’s all so cozy and lovely to wear when it’s cold and damp outside. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be succumbing to the Christmas jumper fad very soon. While I’m leaning towards a traditional Fair Isle type knit, there are some other cute options including this cookie inspired jumper and this cuddly looking bear. What would you choose?

To keep the Christmas theme going, Adam and I are hoping to get to Worcester’s Victorian Christmas Fayre this week, as well as the ‘switching on’ of Malvern’s Christmas lights. Be prepared for some festive photo spam!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the air

  1. Hi our Mel, Dad thinks you should get the polar bear jumper! Those markets look absolutely fabulous, wish we could go. There are so many stalls with sooooo much stuff, you will have to spend days there to see it all! Love Mum and Dad xoxo


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