A picnic with Frank

Looking towards Herefordshire at British Camp on the Malvern Hills

It’s been a big few days in Malvern, with a family reunion of sorts taking place. Adam’s brother John, his partner Sally and their dog Frank Cabbage came and visited!

John, Sally and Frank took the train from London on Friday morning for a jam-packed few days of eating, drinking and generally being merry.

Corgi sitting on a train
Frank behaving himself on the train.

On Saturday we decided Frank and his human companions needed to go for a long walk. We settled on British Camp in the Malvern Hills – which is in the neighbouring county of Herefordshire and towards the southern end of the hills.

Walking up towards British Camp in the Malvern Hills

Looking towards Herefordshire at British Camp on the Malvern Hills

It was absolutely freezing up the top of the hill – so much so that my phone died – something that doesn’t happen in Australia very often!

There were dozens of dogs about, sniffing and exploring the countryside, and Frank managed to make a few new friends.

Frank the corgi making friends

British Camp is named so because it once housed an Iron Age fort. From the top it’s easy to see the earthworks that were made so many centuries ago. You can also understand why the hill was chosen as a site of defence – from the top you can see for miles and miles.

British Camp in the Malvern Hills

It was really windy at the top of the hill so we used the ancient fort to our benefit, taking shelter in one of the ditches to have a picnic.

There was a lot of rabbit poo about and we opted not to sit down, rather standing up to admire the view and much on sandwiches, pork pies and sausage rolls.

Frank was never too far away, ensuring that any crumbs that fell to the ground were quickly gobbled up.

Frank the corgi pleading for some lunch on the Malvern Hills
Frank pleading for a share in our picnic lunch.

Unfortunately we couldn’t spend as long as we wanted exploring British Camp as Adam and I had to head back into town to sign the tenancy agreement for our new home!

We have to wait a little while still to move in – but we should be well and truly settled by Christmas. I don’t have any pictures for you yet but if you take a look here you’ll  see I’m already getting ideas about how to turn it from a house to a home. It’s got a yellow kitchen, red lounge room and blue bedroom and there are some lovely period features (and furniture!) that are included. Any tips on living in a period property would be gladly welcomed!

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