The Fold

Tall reeds

Have you ever driven or walked past a place that immediately captures your attention? On our second day in the UK, Adam and I took a drive to the north of Malvern and in the village of Bransford we passed a collection of restored farm buildings that caught my eye.  From the car you could catch a glimpse of a gravel covered courtyard, quaint tables and chairs and parked cars.

Adam told me the complex was called The Fold and earlier this week while he was away working my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go and have a look myself.

The front courtyard of The Fold
The front courtyard at The Fold.

It was one of those typical English days where you could see blue sky one minute and dark clouds the next, giving the entire area somewhat golden tinge.

After parking the car I wandered past a collection of brick buildings covered in grape vines, taking my time to yet again marvel at the beauty that is a Northern Hemisphere autumn.

Autumnal grape vines cling to a brick wall

Building at The Fold

I made my way into the Farm Shop where there was a fantastic collection of fresh produce (grown on site), local foodstuffs including wine, cider and spirits and regionally made beauty products. I picked up a bag of coffee (roasted in Herefordshire) but could have easily spent a small fortune on lots of delicious looking goodies. A number of lovely small shops are also based in the front courtyard.

It was time for a coffee and something to eat, so I went into The Fold’s cafe – a light filled space full of wood, fresh flowers, constant chatter and genuinely friendly staff. I lingered over my latte and cheese scone, enjoying the welcoming atmosphere.

A scone and coffee

There are a number of walking paths within The Fold complex, and having not been for a trundle for a couple of days I took a stroll around, passing through the farm and some woodlands.

Worcestershire market garden

Walking track at The Fold

Guide post in woodland

I ended up besides a large pond and could see a squally shower coming towards from the west. The wind was whipping through reeds on the water’s edge with such force it created a papery symphony all around.

Jetty on lake

Tall reeds

I got back to the car just as the rain started to fall. The Fold has certainly cemented itself as a ‘repeat visit’ destination for me!




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