The Christmas fayre

Carved wooden Christmas ornaments

Adam and I headed into Worcester last night for its Victorian Christmas Fayre. It was dark, not too cold and full of all those Christmas clichés you crave at this time of year: choirs singing carols, decorated trees galore and lots and lots of food!

Worcester Christmas Fayre 2016

We fortified ourselves with delicious mulled wine and chestnuts (roasted on an open fire!) and got to exploring.

I couldn’t believe how big the markets were.  It seemed every street you turned down, there were a fresh set of stalls to visit.

One of my favourites was a man selling garlands of dried fruit and spices – the smell was amazing. You can’t have displays like that in Australia due to the heat, flies and cockroaches :o, but in a colder climate they’re perfect. I can imagine the brightly coloured fruit strung across a mantlepiece, peppering the air with a lovely festive fragrance.

Dried fruit garlands at the Worcester Christmas Fayre

There was an abundance of cheese, beer and knitted hats and gloves for sale, as well as cute ornaments for Christmas trees.

Carved wooden Christmas ornaments

The lovely family atmosphere is helped along by the market vendors – most wore Victorian era costumes. Some looked happier than others though in their new outfits!

Mulled wine seller at Worcester Christmas Fayre

I had a wonderful evening wandering around.  It was the perfect way to start an official countdown to Christmas (can you believe it’s a month today?!) I know most local towns and villages are doing a market in the lead-up to December the 25th, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself at another fayre or two over the next few weeks!

Adam and I are off on a little holiday next week to the Lake District in the north of England. We’re staying in a cosy little cottage, tucked away in the hills that was once owned by Beatrix Potter. There was snow near to where we’ll be this week, so I’m hoping it sticks around for a few days longer!


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