The suitcase guide: Melbourne

Laneway cafe in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hello from Melbourne!  Today Adam and I drove south from Wagga Wagga for an extended long-weekend in the Victorian capital.  We’re meeting friends from Tasmania later this evening and we plan to spend the next few days eating, drinking and sight-seeing our way around the city…

As with most holidays I take, I packed for these few days away based on a mini-capsule wardrobe.  This trip my pregnancy friendly capsule was very heavily dominated by neutral colours – black, white, grey and tan.   They’re all colours that mix and match well together, can be dressed up or down for both of a day and night, and feel suitable for the season.  I’ve been quite lean when it comes to assembling this particular capsule – 11 pieces in total (this doesn’t include underwear, tights, socks or pyjamas) but I’m hopeful it’ll be enough to see me through the next few days.

I’ve included a pair of jeans, two dresses (one jersey, one knit), a long sleeve t-shirt, a short sleeve t-shirt, two jumpers, a coat, one pair of boots, a silk scarf and a cross-body bag.


Weather is set to be cool overnight, with daytime temperatures in the high teens – perfect really, as you won’t be getting hot and sweaty, yet it’s still warm enough to get away with just a few light layers. Melbourne is notorious though for its ever-changing weather, so I can only see what the next few days throws at us!

As I mentioned above, most of what I expect we’ll be doing will be fairly casual – café visits, shopping and wandering – so there was no need to pack any special outfits for specific outings. My tan RM Williams boots are the most comfortable shoes I own, so I know I’ll be able to spend days in them without complaint and I’ve packed my new Ripe knit maternity dress as a slightly more elevated option for an evening. My baby bump feels like it’s getting bigger by the day at the moment, so comfort was also a huge consideration for me and I’m confident what I’ve packed will live up to the rigours of all-day adventuring.

When I was pulling together this particular capsule I was slightly worried I might have overdone it on the neutrals, and somewhat wished I had maybe a brighter scarf to lighten everything up and provide a pop of colour.  It’ll prove to be a nice little personal challenge to see what I can do with what I’ve packed and if the tan and few small bursts of colour in the scarf and my bag are enough.

If you’ve got any recommendations for must visit/must eat places in Melbourne, please let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll still be holidaying on Monday, so I’ll catch you in a week’s time. x



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