Preparing for baby

Muslin wraps suitable for a newborn baby.

The other day I had a very clarifying moment about the arrival of my baby later this year.  It didn’t occur when I saw bub wriggling around on the screen at my last scan, nor has it happened when I get those familiar flutters in my stomach (and the occasional more definite kick in the belly), reaffirming me that this little human is starting to exercise their ability to move.  For me it actually occurred when Adam and I brought home our first major baby purchase…

Quite a few friends had suggested to us to check out the ‘Buy, Swap and Sell’ sites that exist for just about every town on Facebook.  After a few weeks of scouting, I’d come across a stroller and capsule combo from a well-regarded brand at a very reasonable price.  After going and taking a look, both came home and it was only when Adam was pushing the stroller through the front door and I was carrying the capsule behind him that it really, truly hit me that within a few short months there’d be a baby with us.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but despite the pregnancy test, morning sickness and very visible bump, it’s taken till now for the news to really sink in.  Over the last few weeks Adam and I have picked up a cute assortment of rompers, booties, hats and toys but because they’ve been tucked away in a cupboard awaiting washing they’ve somewhat been out of sight, out of mind.

To further that realisation, we were gifted the other day with a huge bagful of beautiful homemade linens for our baby by Rose – a distant relative of Adam’s who lives in Wagga Wagga, who happens to be an amazing seamstress (she created my beautiful wedding dress for our nuptials in England last year). Rose is very excited about the arrival of our bub – we’ve started to call her Wagga Granny as a result – and ever since we told her the news, I’m sure she’s been dreaming up what she can sew for the baby.

Cotton and polar fleece baby blankets.

Being a mother herself, she wanted to make sure whatever she created for us was practical, and easily washable.  So apart from a lovely collection of burp towels, we also now have both polar fleece and cotton blankets, muslin wraps and the sweetest little cot sheets.  Rose is already planning her next baby project – making us tiny clothes using off-cuts from material in her sewing room.

Cot sheets.

Just like my wedding dress, I love that each of these items have been made with our little person in mind. It’s very easy to get caught up when you visit shops and browse through the baby sections and although we’ve picked up some very cute items ready made, I’ve got a feeling my favourite items will be those crafted by family.

We’ve still got a long way to go before we’ll be fully prepared for baby – there’s still a cot, bassinet and change-table to be purchased as well as all the incidentals like nappies and wipes – but we’ll get there.

For all the mamas out there – what were some of the essentials for you?  Any tips are more than welcome!

Have a wonderful week. x

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