Visitors from England

Quiet country road in southern New South Wales, Australia.

Last weekend Adam and I welcomed our first visitors from the United Kingdom – his mum and stepdad.

Just like it was a little surreal seeing my family in Worcestershire, it’s taken a few days to get used to seeing Adam’s family here in Wagga Wagga…

I’ve enjoyed getting the house ready for our first proper visitors since arriving back in Australia, filling it with fresh flowers, lots of teabags 😉 and litres of sunscreen.

Protea flower in a vase .

Of course, as fate would have it, Sarah and Keith’s first few days in Australia coincided with a massive cold front bringing cool temperatures, squally showers and raised dust.  Still, I always maintain this country has a feisty side when it comes to weather and that’s part of the charm of ‘wild Australia’.

Shower of rain moving across the Riverina plains, New South Wales, Australia.

The sun is back now and our visitors are enjoying day tripping around the region, getting to see parts of the country that are generally off the main tourist trail.

One of the big things Sarah and Keith have commented on, is the big skies and wide open spaces here.  Although there are pockets of that sort of scenery to be found in the U.K., even in the middle of suburbia in Australia there’s often still a sense of quietness, simply because things are just generally more spread out.

Sunset in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

We’re looking forward to exploring a little further afield over the coming few days and then next week we’re all off to Queensland to show off the part of the country where I spent my childhood. I’m looking forward to taking a few days off work and it’ll be so nice to see my parents again – the last time we caught up was summer 2017 in England!

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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