Worlds colliding

British Camp from the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire England.

For the entire time Adam and I have been together we’ve existed in these two separate worlds.  Our life in Australia and our life in England – distinct from one another, but each containing family and friends whom we love. The arrival of my family in Malvern has been a little surreal for Adam and I.  Our two existences are suddenly colliding and it feels a little strange to be walking around Malvern with so many Aussies in tow!

We spent our first full day together taking it easy around town…

My dad, despite being the least internationally- travelled out of my family, has been the best with handling the jet lag. He’s been full of beans, while my mum and brother are taking a little longer to catch up on sleep and get in sync with the U.K. time zone.

We started our morning, which was lovely and bright with big patches of blue sky, with coffees at our favourite Malvern café.

Empty coffee cups sitting on a wooden table.

We took in the Malvern Priory, and dad marvelled at some of the gravestones from the 1600s and 1700s in the church and its associated graveyard.

Great Malvern Priory, Worcestershire England.

Adam couldn’t wait to show my family his beloved favourite pub and we stopped in for a delicious lunch and cheeky drink.

Hand pointing at a menu at a beer garden in rural England.

During the afternoon we took to the hills for a short walk and it was lovely to show-off the immense beauty of this scenic part of the country.

Tourists taking in the view from the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, England.

We really didn’t do anything too special, or out of the ordinary, just a lot of little things that Adam and I love to do in Malvern – drink good coffee, eat good food and take in the wonderful surroundings.  Time is on our side during this visit, so it’s refreshing to be able to take things a little slower.  Instead of having to cram everything into a couple of days, my family can experience Malvern a little more like Adam and I do.

Here’s to slow summer days!




2 thoughts on “Worlds colliding

  1. Nice post Mel, lovely to see the family in your photos enjoying the surroundings. Dad has probably covered more ground during his early morning walks than we did in the whole day that we spent with you. Hope Mum and Brett get into the swing of things soon to keep up. I’ll wait for your next installment. Love to all.


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