The week that was

White and pink blossom on a tree.

I think the last seven days could best be described as a week of new beginnings. Spring’s arrived, lockdown’s been lifted in my part of Australia and those two events combined have just made everything feel that little bit cheerier.

This is the week that was…


White spring blossom on a tree.

The spring blossom has been erupting all over Wagga Wagga the last few weeks, but the trees in our yard always seem to be some of the last to awaken after winter. They have now though and seeing those heavily laden branches, full of fluffy white flowers always makes me smile. The blossom doesn’t last that long, before new green leaves emerge, so I always try to make the most of it while it’s here.


Black cows in a paddock.

I’m on a run of early morning shifts at work at the moment and while my alarm often jolts me awake from my slumber, the pre-dawn starts mean I get afternoons free. On Tuesday Adam and I walked from our house to collect Paul from daycare. As we got closer to home on our return journey, a mob of cattle that lives in a paddock near our suburb had made its way over towards the footpath we were on. Paul was very excited to see the cows and we had a lovely time ‘mooing’ at them and admiring their big dark eyes and shiny coats.


Looking through blinds out on a front yard bathed in late afternoon light.

After such a lovely walk Tuesday, Adam and I decided we’d do it again on Wednesday. About half an hour before we were due to leave, I made the mistake of laying down to ‘just shut my eyes’. Adam let me doze and had a solo walk. When I woke up (about half an hour later) the still, silent house was bathed with a beautiful glow from the afternoon light. I was sad to have missed the walk, but there was something rather lovely about just standing at the window and taking the sunset in.


Hand holding a rock painted with 'Bee Happy'

On Thursday morning Paul and I headed over to our neighbourhood park for a run around. The aforementioned walks and our local playground have been such a saviour during lockdown. When you’re spending a lot of time contained within the same four walls, a change of scenery and some fresh air are so important. Paul found this painted rock hidden at the playground, carefully planted I suspect by someone who is not only a great artist, but wanting to bring some joy to kids finding the isolation a little tough. The rock must of been an omen, as not long after we found it, it was announced our local lockdown would be ending. I’m looking forward to returning the rock, so it can bring a smiles to another family.


Looking down on a bed made up with grey and white striped linen sheets.

Friday morning stripped the beds and replaced the towels in the bathroom. It used to be a job I did on a Sunday, because I liked the thought of starting the week afresh, but over the last little while I’ve been washing all the household linens on a Friday. Now we end the week clean sheets and towels and for some reason it feels like even more of a treat. Even more so now the weather’s warmer and everything can dry outside again. I know sunshine doesn’t have a smell… but don’t you think there’s something almost magical about the scent of fresh sheets that have been drying outside?!


Looking through the front window of a coffee shop to people sitting at tables outside.

I started work at 6am on Saturday morning to help contribute to coverage on the stay-at-home orders ending in Wagga. Some might argue working on the first lockdown free Saturday in a month isn’t an ideal way to start your weekend, but actually it was a really nice day ‘in the office’. There was a beautiful sunrise and lots of smiling and happy people to talk to, glad to be either be busy at their workplaces again or taking the time to gather in public spaces once more.


Toddler looking out of a window onto the street.

On Sunday upon putting the final touches on this post I realised I’d developed a habit of taking photos of and out of windows this last week! Apart from that, it was a day of ‘life resuming’ post lockdown – I went to a yoga class in the morning and in the afternoon Adam, Paul and I met up with a few friends for a drink and catch-up. It was lovely, but also slightly strange to be socialising with so many people again. Despite being granted some new found freedoms, it also still feels like we’re walking on egg shells a little and I’m not convinced we’ve seen the last of the lockdowns locally.

How have your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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