The week that was

Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra on sunset.

This week has been a combination of slow days at home, time in the car and a little mini-break! There have been a few tears, lots of laughing and a really nice family outing.

This is the week that was…


The week started on a bit of a low. After days of being unsettled, unbalanced and generally out of sorts Paul was diagnosed with an ear infection on Monday afternoon. He’d been really struggling overnights, waking frequently and in tears so as a result Adam and I were struggling a bit too due to the lack of sleep. By the time Monday night rolled around I was exhausted, but was tempted outside right on dusk due to the intense glow that was in the sky. It was nice to take a few minutes to take in the quiet calm that the early evening brings.


Looking down on a mother and toddler sitting on a blue lounge in leggings.

Paul wasn’t able to go to daycare on Tuesday on account of starting on a course of antibiotics for his ear infection, so he and I had a ‘sick day’ on Tuesday. By lunchtime Tuesday it was evident his medicine was starting to take affect, but he was still snuggly and needing frequent cuddles with me. We spent lots of time on the lounge reading stories and playing with toys as well as indulging in an episode or two of a new animated Paddington Bear series. Paul adores it, and does the cutest little dance whenever the theme song plays. It’s really quite sweet and Paddington is voiced by actor Ben Wishaw, who just seems to capture the essence of the character so well.


Muscari bulbs poke through the soil in a pot, placed on a terracotta garden table.

Back to work for me and back to daycare for Paul. Wednesday turned into a fairly uneventful day to be perfectly honest. I had an early start at the office and really relished the few hours I had in the afternoon before Paul finished daycare to get a few jobs done around the house. While I was getting washing off the line,I took a few minutes to poke around the garden, pulling out a couple of weeds that had sprung up in the garden and watering the potted plants, including this one full of Muscari or grape hyacinth bulbs. They’re normally the first things to flower come late winter, but they’re emerging from the soil very early this year. I’m not sure if they’ll actually bloom anytime soon, but the sight of tiny green shoots always brings a smile to my face.


Woman in orange top, holding a mug of hot chocolate underneath a black and white check wool blanket.

On Thursday Paul treated me to a three hour nap. He went through a phase a month or so ago, where that was the norm and over the last few weeks it feels like if we get an hour out of him it’s a good day. I was able to whizz around the house and do a few jobs and then treated myself to a hot chocolate on the lounge. It’s been a manic couple of weeks at our house with lots on and the next few weeks look a lot the same, so it was so lovely to just sit for twenty minutes. Although the day wasn’t particularly cold, I pulled a blanket over my legs and cozied right up. It felt like such a treat.


An Enlighten Canberra projection at the National Gallery of Australia.

On Friday Adam, Paul and myself packed up the car and drove to Canberra. Adam was working at the National Gallery of Australia over the weekend, so we’d decided we use that as an excuse to have a few nights away and catch up with my brother who lives in the city. We received a very last minute invitation to an event that was part of the Enlighten Festival, also at the gallery. In the cool night air, we sat in front of the gallery’s main entrance and watched a projection beamed onto the building. There was Peruvian food on hand, as well as a bar and it was a really unexpected but lovely night out. We weren’t able to stay out too long, on account of Paul but he was fascinated by the projection and some of the street performers that were part of the show. It was such a great reminder that it’s ok to sometimes ditch the normal routine to make special family memories.


A top of a child's head in a pram with the interior of a tram in the background.

Adam headed off early Saturday morning to the gallery for work, while Paul, my brother and myself had a slow start at home. We started our day with a walk and brunch at a nearby cafe that specialises in crumpets, then headed home for Paul’s lunch and a nap. In the afternoon we took a ride on Canberra’s new light rail system and visited a cute little playground that was thronging with families in the warm autumn sun. Paul was fascinated by the big, red tram and had a great time looking at all the people on board. The trams were easy to navigate with a pram, clean and efficient and I’ll definitely be using them again when we next visit Canberra.


Country road in southern New South Wales.

On Sunday we packed the car back up, farewelled my brother and made the drive west, home to Wagga Wagga. Paul was most displeased about hopping into his car seat, but not long after we left Murrumbateman he fell asleep and napped right up until we pulled in the driveway. It was nice to have a couple of hours for Adam and I to chat and listen to a couple of podcasts (Stuff You Should Know is a favourite on road trips) but the journey did seem to drag. Both Adam and I were a little weary so I daresay that contributed. It was really nice to get out of town for a few days, and spend some quality time with family.

How have your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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