He’s here!

Newborn baby sleeping.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Paul Thomas, who arrived safe and sound on September 24th, weighing in at 2.8 kilograms (a touch over 6 pounds) and measuring 50cm (just shy of 20 inches)…

Adam and I are completely besotted with our little man and can’t quite believe we’ve been given the absolute privilege of helping shape his world.  So far he’s proven to be quite a mellow fellow, who loves feeding, sleeping and hanging out with mummy and daddy on the sofa.

We’ve been having a glorious, albeit somewhat sleep deprived few days getting to know one another and each day Paul’s looking more and more like Adam as a baby.

Labour and birth was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, but I’m recovering well.

For the next little while Paul, Adam and finding our groove as a family of three are going to be my main focus, but I’m looking forward to providing some musings on motherhood over the coming weeks.

Thank you to those who’ve been in touch already – your messages have been so heartfelt and we all feel very loved.

Have a wonderful week. x

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