The mini-moon

Seat overlooking the western side of the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Adam and I talked at length about what we wanted to do for our honeymoon after our wedding.  After much discussion, we decided to eschew from a more traditional fortnight getaway, in favour of a short mini-break.  Our time in England was limited and we wanted to make the most of being able to spend time with family and friends.

So less than 24 hours after we said ‘I do’, we jumped in the car and headed for a cosy little apartment in rural Herefordshire…

We found ‘The Oak’ on Airbnb and fell in love with its magnificent views of the western side of the Malvern Hills.  If there was a place to escape and rest after a full-on few days, this was it!

The Oak Airbnb near Mathon, Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Inside, the apartment was tastefully decorated with an open plan sitting room laid out with comfortable checked lounge chairs, a big corner fireplace and a little welcome hamper full of goodies.

Checked sofa in sitting room.

Corner fire place and basket of wood.

Small hamper of goods from Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

The centrepiece of the bedroom was a large four poster bed and being able to cocoon ourselves away behind the gauze-like curtains was utter bliss. Neither Adam and I realised how exhausted we were after the wedding until it was all over and we relished the opportunity for sleep-ins and early nights.

Four posted bed with curtains.

We also took advantage of those quiet days to properly read through all the beautiful cards we received on our wedding day and enjoy the flowers that had scattered the tables at our reception.

Wedding cards and flowers sitting on a window sill.

I also became a little enamoured with the mob of sheep that lived in the paddock outside of our apartment.  I loved waking up to their soft bleats in the morning and watching them move around the fields throughout the day. They were exceptionally inquisitive and whenever we went outside with a bag that made the slightest rustle they all rushed over, thinking we had special treats to feed them! We also spotted dozens of pheasants, a few rabbits and a farmyard cat, who loved snoozing on the piles of wood stacked neatly in a nearby shed.

Sheep grazing in a field in Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Sheep in Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Although it was only a few short days, Adam and I left our mini-moon feeling utterly relaxed.  It was so nice to just stop and take in the momentous day we’d just had.  We’d like to do a more traditional honeymoon, possibly halfway through 2019 – so far Japan and New Zealand are top of our list.  Did you go on a honeymoon after your wedding?  Where did you go?

Have a wonderful week. x


2 thoughts on “The mini-moon

  1. We spend our honeymoon ( long ago) on an Angora goat farm in the Victorian highlands. The property had a very small two-story stone cottage complete with fireplace and upstairs bedroom loft overlooking the countryside. We only spent a week away, but enjoyed the long country walks and exploring the small towns in the surrounding area. Looking back, it probably kindled our love of small cottages in regional areas which we have replicated on our overseas trips staying on farms and in very small villages in rural France and Germany.


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