All wrapped up

Close up of gift wrapped Christmas present.

I love wrapping Christmas presents.  I know a lot of people don’t – why do you think so many present wrapping services pop up in high streets and in stores during December? For me though, it’s a fun, creative outlet at the end of the year…

When Adam and I were back in England earlier this month I lusted over the reams of beautiful paper and sweet gift tags that were on sale.  In the end common sense won. Can image the state of a roll of wrapping paper after 30+ hours travelling?!

Instead, when I got back to Wagga Wagga I went through and sorted through the boxes and bags of paper, gift tags and ribbons I’d amassed over the years.  I decided I had more than enough to cater for this Christmas.  Why buy for the sake of buying when I already had what I needed?

Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags.

In organising my present wrapping supplies, I noticed a distinct colour theme in what I’m drawn to when it comes to gifting – white and gold, with pops of red…. and lots of brown paper! There’s something about the simplicity of brown paper that I’m drawn to.  It’s such a timeless base and packages always look so chic wrapped up in brown paper with a simple adornment like a grosgrain ribbon.

Gift wrapped Christmas present.

In previous years I dedicated a day to wrapping all my presents at once.  This year I’m just doing one or two a day.  I like that it’s a little project I can look forward to after work and instead of pushing through and trying to get every present wrapped at once, I’m able to spend a little more time on each gift, matching the wrapping to the recipient.

When I was living in England I scavenged bits of greenery from our garden to add to our presents, and I loved the fresh look it gave my presents. There are a few big gum trees near the house, so I’m playing around with adding a few dried leaves to my gifts, to give them a distinctly Australian feel.

Hand holding dried gum tree leaves.

Christmas present wrapped in brown paper with a red grosgrain ribbon.

I don’t have a huge amount of presents to wrap this year. We’re keeping it rather simple, with a ‘Secret Santa’ with my family – just one present for one person at a set budget.  It makes you think a lot more about what you’ll pick, instead of panic buying . That approach though, seems to fit that pared back approach I’m taking with my wrapping, and to be honest, this Christmas in general.   So many people put so much pressure on themselves at this time of year, when really it should really be about enjoying time with friends and family.

Have a wonderful weekend… and happy wrapping! x



2 thoughts on “All wrapped up

  1. I’m with you on the brown paper thing. I bought a beautiful old shop counter paper roll dispenser in a Tassie antique shop a couple of years ago…still looking for a great big heavy paper roll to put in it!


    1. That sounds divine Sarah! I love shops with old fittings and fixtures. I’m not sure if it still exists, but there used to be a beautiful stationary/paper shop in the Canberra Centre which could stock the paper you’re after. Or possibly Hunters in Wagga?


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