Dinner, drinks and little ones

Line of colouring pencils.

While Adam and I don’t have any children of our own yet, we know plenty of people with little ones of varying ages.

The first time we had friends over with youngsters I briefly panicked, realising we didn’t have much in the way to keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoyed food, wine and conversation.

Although most of our parent friends bring a few entertainment items with them, I still like to make our youngest guests feel at home. So over the last few months I’ve been trying to make sure whenever we have dinner party, there are a few little goodies about to ensure every member of the family has a good night…

Looking down on colouring book and jar of colouring pencils.

The first thing I did was go and purchase a colouring book and a big packet of pencils.  The resurgence of ‘colouring’ over the last few years means there are ample books to choose from and at very reasonable price points.  I found one that I thought would appeal to both younger and older children… and I must confess, when I feel like some quiet time and don’t have the inclination to read I’ll open the book and get colouring for half an hour or so myself!  I chose a book that has perforated pages, so if anyone wants to take home their work of art, it’s easy to rip to out.

White blanket and grey knit pillow.

I also always make sure I pull out a few blankets from the linen cupboard and leave them on the sofa.  They can turn into impromptu bed linen, should little eyes begin to get weary or can double as something to lay out on the floor, when it’s time for an evening bottle. Draped over the sofa and coffee table, they create a little warm cave, to hide away from the adults!

Knitted dinosaur toy holding note.

Our household is also home to a large knitted dinosaur called Prince.  Adam made Prince a few years ago and I got to meet him when we moved to England in 2016.  He lived in our lounge in our Worcestershire house, and frequently got moved about, his long limbs and neck often arranged in silly positions.  When we moved back to Australia, Prince came too, spending a few months on a cargo ship on the long journey from the northern to the southern hemisphere.  He lives on our lounge now in Wagga Wagga and his friendly face is always a hit with the kids.  Sometimes he even writes notes to special guests!

Do you have any tricks or tips for keeping children entertained at at adult-heavy events?

Have a wonderful week. x

5 thoughts on “Dinner, drinks and little ones

  1. That lovely fluffy cream blanket looks familiar! Glad to see it is being used and enjoyed by small visitors in your home. Mum xx


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