Tropical days

Palm fronds and blue sky.

There’s nothing quite like a few days spent in the sunshine.  Where the breeze is warm, the air is tainted with the slightest hint of sea salt and it’s warm enough to pad around morning, noon and night in bare feet.

Adam and I are back in Wagga Wagga now, where the autumn weather has finally arrived.  Although it’s my favourite season, the last week I’ve spent in Queensland in all it’s year-round summery glory has been magnificent…

The sun shone every day and we slept with windows wide open, letting in the cool air of the Coral Sea. By April, the humidity of the high summer has gone from this part of the country and you can truly enjoy being outside.  And be outside, we were.  Days started early – a few times even before the sun rose! – and we stayed out until the last golden rays disappeared over the horizon.

Afternoon light peeking through tropical foliage.

It was lovely to show Adam’s mum and step-dad around ‘my part’ of Australia and share with them the places that were special to me as a child growing up.  When I was younger, I found the continual sunshine and easy access to the beach mundane. I craved different landscapes and cooler climes. Now as an adult, I’ve regained an appreciation for my home town and all of its tropical delights.

Queens Bay, Bowen, Queensland, Australia.

I’ve never been a huge beach goer, but I’ve loved every minute of walking across sandy shores and listening to crashing waves over this past week. The ocean can have such a calming effect (even when the sea is angry and wild) and given how busy and at times stressful the first few months of this year have been, this time up north, has been just the tonic I’ve needed.

Over the coming weeks, when life inevitably gets busy again and I start worrying about this that and the other, I’m going to think back to this week away and remember the sun, sand and special people that it made so very satisfying.

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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