Shelf life

Minimalistic book shelf.

When Adam and I moved back into our Australian home I decided I wanted to replace our old bookshelf  (a flatpack I’d bought and put together in my 20s, which had sustained a number of house moves and was starting to look a little sad) with something that better reflected our style as a couple and fitted into the space we had.

I’d been eyeing off pretty stylised floating shelf set-ups on my Pinterest and Instagram pages for months and decided I’d found the solution.

Thankfully Adam was keen too, so last weekend out came the drill and up went the shelves…

We decided instead of going for a traditional look with all shelves the same length, we’d mix it up and have two ‘shelves’ split. Adam drew up a design and we were both really pleased with the end result. I like the interesting look we’ve given our ‘bookcase’ and the gaps will allow for tall piles of books or a vase with long stems to be displayed easily.

Minimalistic book shelf.

While Adam put together the shelves, he’s left me responsible for ‘filling’ for them.  I’ve only unpacked one box of books so far, so they are looking very minamalistic. Big, heavy hardback books will live in another spot in our sitting room but I’m pretty confident with some careful placing we should be able to fit our collection of paperbacks on the shelves. I’ve grouped the books by colour so far (I’ve always been a stickler for keeping books grouped by author and height) and I really like the change. We’ve got lots of tan, grey and white in the house and the little pops of colour are refreshing.

Minimalistic book shelf.

Last year I fully embraced the house plant and realised why people love having greenery inside. I knew I wanted to bring that part of our English home back to Australia and the new bookshelf felt like the perfect place for a trailing friend.

Hand holding small house plant.

I’m looking forward to playing around with the shelves more over the coming weeks and adding a few more decorative elements. I’ve got a feeling I’ll easily while away a few hours changing, swapping and re-arranging these new shelves.

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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