Here comes the sun

Almond blossom against a blue sunny sky.

England officially went onto ‘summer time’ at the weekend and the sun came out in celebration, delivering the two most beautiful Malvern’s had in a long time.  It was almost like nature knew daylight saving was starting and put on a show in response.

The air had that first sweet scent of warmth and the sunshine stuck around all day. I managed to ditch my boots for the first time since Adam and I arrived in the U.K. and get around in a pair of ballet flats.  It felt luxurious.  There was no need to remember a thick winter coat and sunglasses were genuinely needed. With the first of the spring blooms on show and trees starting to shoot their dainty, fresh green leaves, it was the sort of weekend that left you deeply satisfied and smiling.

Woman in ballet flats and jeans stands near pink flowers growing in a pot.

Whether it’s the change of light picking up on dust in places you’ve never noticed before, or the fact you want to open windows widely again, the warm weather prompted my ‘spring cleaning’ mood.  I got stuck into vacuuming cobwebs from behind heavy curtains, wiping mirrors till they shone and changing the linen on the bed. To me, crawling into a bed with clean sheets, in a freshly cleaned house is one of the best feelings ever.

All week I’ve been admiring some new tiny blue flowers that have started emerging in our garden.  Adam informed me they’re Malvern’s famous bluebells – flowering a little earlier than normal. We took a quick drive yesterday to see if they’re starting to appear on the hills but our garden must just be picking up the right amount of sun allowing them to blossom. The flowers are popping up in a few other gardens around town so hopefully the grand display of them I’ve heard so much about is not too far away.

(NB: I’ve since been informed by a very reliable gardening source the flowers are grape hyacinths – they’re still pretty, but I won’t be trusting Adam’s botanical knowledge quite so readily in future. Sorry darling!)

Bluebells flowering in a garden.

Sunday also marked Mother’s Day in the U.K., which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent as opposed to the second Sunday in May like in Australia and the United States.  To show our appreciation for all Adam’s mum and grandmother have done for us since we’ve arrived, we had them over last night for a special Sunday roast.  Adam is the sort of person who shows his love through his cooking, so for him it was the perfect gift to give.  We feasted on a beautiful stuffed chicken, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots, peas and bacon and onion laced cabbage.  A blackberry and apple crumble was assembled for dessert.

Parsnips, carrots and cabbage being prepared for a roast dinner.

The filling of a blackberry and apple crumble.

The meal was very much appreciated and it was lovely to celebrate the two women who’ve taken me under their wings ever so kindly these last few months.  It made think of my own mum, who’s nervously watching the path of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, which is currently sitting off the Queensland coast.

Bird flying across bright blue sky.

It finally feels like the warmer weather is here to stay (temperatures in the mid to high teens all week!) and with the extra daylight in the evening, I’m getting excited for the next few months. I’m looking forward to picnics, Pimms and plimsolls.  Less hiding inside with books, blankets and warm drinks and more adventures with friends in the fresh air. British Summer Time… I’m ready!


2 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Beautiful photos and you gave me hope for spring here in the Upper Midwest USA. It’s still cold and dreary here…we’ve had a lot of rain so I’m hoping that means green and flowers next! 😀 Your ballet flats are so cute, I love ballet flats. I have so many cobwebs around my place, it’s not even funny, thanks for the reminder. Ha. 😉 That’s neat about Mother’s Day. I forgot until recently that it was different in the UK. I need to dig out my favorite Mother’s Day book. It is so sweet. My Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World by Becky Reyher. I love it even as an adult. Amy


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