The great British summer

The great British summer

After teasing us and offering up a warm day or two here and there over the last few months, summer arrived in England this week.

Pimms in a tall glass and bare feet.
First Pimms of the summer!

We’ve had a solid six days in a row of temperatures in the high 20s, low 30s. It’s even prompted official government warnings, about beating the heat.  Friends and Adam’s family have been asking all about how we Aussies cope with weather like this for months at a time.

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Make hay while the sun shines

Make hay while the sun shines

“Whan the sunne shinth make hay. Whiche is to say.
Take time whan time cometh, lest time steale away.”

~ John Heywood, A dialogue conteinyng the nomber in effect of all the prouerbes in the Englishe tongue, 1546 ~

There’s one thing that I’ve noticed time and time again since moving to England – its residents well and truly embrace good weather. Australia on the whole can generally expect a good few months of clear, warm sunny days every year.  Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not (like when it leads to a drought), but that period of delicious, it’s-good-to-be-alive sort of weather is pretty much expected. In fact sometimes the poor ol’ Aussie can get a bit grumpy and peeved off if the sun doesn’t come out for a few days.

Pink blossom against a blue sky.

Here in the U.K. though the weather’s a little more unstable and a lovely sunrise can quickly disappear into a drizzly morning, then a cool and cloudy afternoon, before clearing again in the evening. That’s why when the sun does shine over consecutive days, people get out and enjoy it.

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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

England officially went onto ‘summer time’ at the weekend and the sun came out in celebration, delivering the two most beautiful Malvern’s had in a long time.  It was almost like nature knew daylight saving was starting and put on a show in response.

The air had that first sweet scent of warmth and the sunshine stuck around all day. I managed to ditch my boots for the first time since Adam and I arrived in the U.K. and get around in a pair of ballet flats.  It felt luxurious.  There was no need to remember a thick winter coat and sunglasses were genuinely needed. With the first of the spring blooms on show and trees starting to shoot their dainty, fresh green leaves, it was the sort of weekend that left you deeply satisfied and smiling.

Woman in ballet flats and jeans stands near pink flowers growing in a pot.

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