The dressing table

Card with red and yellow balloons leaning up against a grey and black pouch.

Oh what a difference a week can make.  Last week Adam and I were sipping sangria under sunny blue skies in Gibraltar.  Over the weekend we’ve watched flurries of snow showers from our kitchen window, whilst warming our hands on big mugs of coffee.

It still seems a bit magical to me that you can wake up one morning and have one type of weather, jump on a plane or train or in a car, and suddenly be in a place completely opposite to where you were.  It’s why I guess so many people get wanderlust.

The cold, snowy weather meant the last few days have been spent primarily inside. I took the opportunity to use the quiet time to have a bit of play with decorating the top of of a chest of drawers in the bedroom.  I’ve mentioned previously the simple, unfussy aesthetic Adam and I aiming for in our new home. It’s a combination of circumstance and finance and both refreshing and challenging to try and transform a house into a home  with that in mind.

When we first moved into our house, the chest of drawers became an automatic dumping ground for our stuff: bags, watches, cameras, laptops. Now we’re a bit more settled, I’ve turned it into a dressing table of sorts.

A chest of drawers that's been transformed into a dressing table.

Adam’s much loved Daft Punk print is now hanging above the drawers.  I resisted putting in the bedroom when we first moved, but after some careful consideration I’ve come to the conclusion the black/white/metallic hues of the picture actually compliment the room. Plus, decorating when you’re a part of a couple is all about compromise right?!

I’ve got a lovely May Gibbs calendar on show, which was a gift from my dear friend Laurissa.  I have fond memories from my childhood of spending hours flipping through my beautifully illustrated hardcover copy of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.  I was afraid of the Banksia Men – they were so scary looking! It’s like having a little bit of the Australian bush in the bedroom and was such a thoughtful present. A lovely card featuring balloon toting koalas, as well as fabulously chunky scarf – also both from Larry – are on display too.  I always smile when looking over at the chest of drawers now, thinking about her and all the times we laughed and cried together.

A May Gibbs calendar and yellow gerbera flowers.

A few pretty boxes filled with jewellery, perfume and other bits and bobs are atop the drawers as well as a pair of gloves, my sunglasses, camera, lenses and laptop sleeve.  My hairdryer also lives on the new dressing table, as there are generally no power points in English bathrooms. There are light switches, shaver plug-ins, but no power points! It’s one of those cultural quirks that was slightly annoying at first, but now I’m used to. I’d like to get a basket or wooden crate to put the dryer in, as it isn’t the nicest thing to have on display, but I haven’t found one that strikes my fancy yet.

Top of a dressing table featuring calendar, flowers, jewellery box, gloves, sunglasses and perfume.

It’s nothing special, but with the few pieces of artwork and the happy looking gerberas, it’s a corner of the house that feels ‘done’.

Do you have a dressing table? What’s on it?  Do you try and make it pretty, or is it purely about functionality?

I’m working most of this week, but Adam and I are hopeful of getting away for a day trip to Hereford.  If you’ve got any recommendations, pass them on!

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