The Worcestershire Way

England has the most fantastic network of public footpaths – walking tracks and trails that weave their way throughout the countryside passing through farmland, towns and even back gardens!

Australia doesn’t really have anything that compares, so I’m keen to explore the footpaths around Malvern – it’s also a great way to maintain a regular exercise regime, especially when this cold weather leaves you craving pudding, pasties and pork pies regularly… 😮

Earlier this week I stumbled across the Worcestershire Way – a pretty walk, that almost fulfilled all of my English fantasies.


A short trundle from Adam’s mum’s house I found a footpath that took me through a field and into woodland.  The sun was out (hooray!) and dappled light filtered through the trees.


I learnt over the weekend that both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien spent time in Malvern, and I can see how both used the countryside as inspiration for the lands in their stories.

The pathway then emerged into a large field, girted by trees showing off their autumn colours.


Adam’s younger sister Molly had come back from a walk with a friend last weekend, describing how they’d visited an orchard full of apple trees. Turns out my jaunt had led to the exact same place!




The air was so sweet – you could smell the apples on the trees and ground metres before you actually entered the orchard.

Although there are dozens of footpaths I’m yet to wander down, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be taking the Worcestershire Way again.

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