Settling in

One of the most enjoyable (and sometimes scary) things about moving to a new place is getting to know the community you’re now a part of.

Adam has worked for most of this week, leaving me to explore Malvern and the English way of life on my own.


Yesterday I successfully navigated myself from Adam’s mum’s house into town to pick up a few supplies for dinner. Although I checked the weather forecast (10% chance of rain) for the six kilometre round trip, I made the rookie mistake of trusting it and not taking my waterproof jacket.  Needless to say, I was damp and rather cold by the time I got home!

It was however the only ‘dressing’ mistake I think I’ve made all week.

I’ve discovered having my thermal long sleeve t-shirt under whatever I’m wearing, pretty much guarantees I won’t get too chilly throughout the day. I’ve also learnt that your boyfriend’s old Christmas jumpers (a little long, a little baggy), make the perfect base for long, rambling walks in the woods.

Sorry Ad – this jumper has been claimed by a new owner!

Soup has become a regular lunch time favourite – it’s generally pretty healthy and warms from the inside after the aforementioned woodland walk. But my favourite ‘English’ discovery of the week has been the teacake.

To the uninitiated, a teacake is a brioche style flat bun containing citrus peel and dried fruit. It’s not as doughy as a hot cross bun, and toasts up beautifully. I’m rather fond of one with lashings of butter and a cup of tea at about 3:30pm.

The perfect afternoon tea.

We’ve also found a house! We’re not able to move in for another few weeks, but I can’t wait to share our new home with you when the time comes.

PS – is anyone else watching the new Netflix series, The Crown?! I’m loving Matt Smith as the Duke of Edinburgh 🙂

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