Bonfire night

Saturday night was bonfire or Guy Fawkes night– where people gather, set off and watch fireworks.  We don’t celebrate it in Australia, so it was my first time experiencing the excitement of the evening.

Adam suggested we walk up to the top of one of the Malvern Hills called the Beacon to watch fireworks displays from right across the district.

Fireworks from the Beacon.

While the view was spectacular, the weather was a little chilly!

It’s been a bit cold here over the last few days – while Wagga Wagga had a long, wet winter, this chill in Malvern is nothing like I’ve ever experienced.  It’s damp and chills you to the bone. It was about 3 degrees where we parked the car, but by the time we’d made the walk up the hill and were standing in the wind we estimate the temperature had dropped to about -2 or 3. It would’ve been nice to stay up and watch the fireworks for hours, but this Queenslander got chilled and we had to make a move.

Looking towards Worcester.

There was a lovely sense of community on the hills – lots of people had made the trek up like we had. There were group cheers when an impressive fireworks display appeared in front of us and words of advice when you passed groups walking up and down the hill.

It’s really nice to be able to experience new holidays and traditions and I’m especially looking forward to having my first cold Christmas, but I’ve got a feeling I’ll be asking Santa Claus for more socks, beanies and gloves!

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