What I pack in my carry-on luggage

Looking out of a plane window onto clouds and mountains.

It’s just over a week until Adam and I travel to the U.K. for our wedding.  We’re both working virtually right up until our departure date, so lists are starting to be written up, to make it easier for when we begin to pack.

I’ll be taking all my wedding related items (dress, shoes etc.) in my carry-on luggage as I definitely don’t want to risk being separated from them! This will be the first international flight I take with such precious cargo, but normally I have a fairly set packing regime for my carry-on when it comes to long-haul flights…

For trips up to about 10 days or so, I normally always just travel with a carry-on suitcase.  Over the last few years though (and particularly when Adam and I moved to England, and then back to Australia again) I utilised my full baggage allowance and had both a checked-in suitcase and my smaller carry-on suitcase (similar here).  I’ll be doing the same this time around too due to all the extra weddings things I’m travelling with, but otherwise most of what I do pack as carry-on luggage, can be stored in a large tote bag.

I like to think of my carry-on luggage as my absolute essentials – if my main suitcase didn’t end up in my final destination, I like to know I’ve got my most important items with me.  Given so many international flights out of Australia are upwards of 20 hours or more, I also like to have a few bits and pieces that’ll make me as comfortable as possible for the duration of the journey.

Flat lay of cross-body bag, purse, passport and phone charger.

Identification and Technology

  • Passport
  • Purse
  • Phone + charger
  • Laptop + charger
  • Headphones

Toiletries (liquids stored in a clear pouch, to meet aviation laws)

  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Travel size face wash
  • Travel size moisturiser
  • Travel size face mist (I’ve got dry skin normally, so add in a long-haul flight and I’m parched!)
  • Hand cream
  • Lip balm
  • Deodorant
  • Concealer (To help make me feel a little more ‘human’ after many, many hours in the air)
  • Tissues
  • Pain killers (Nobody likes a headache at 32,000 ft)
  • Hairbrush

Creature comforts

  • Book (If you’ve got any recommendations, I’m searching for a travel read!)
  • Scarf
  • Cardigan (For when the airplane cabin gets icy)
  • Spare top (in case of spills / lost luggage)
  • Spare set underwear (in case of lost luggage)
  • Travel pillow (I’m a recent convert – mine is filled with beanbag like pellets and doesn’t lose its shape like the free ones you get on board)
  • Sunglasses (To help jetlagged eyes upon arrival)

Flat lay of grey jumper, travel pillow, sunglasses and scarf.

I normally pop my purse, passport and phone in a small cross-body bag, that’ll I utilise in my end destination. They’re all items I use right up until I get on the plane and once one board I can pack the bag into my carry-on luggage.  If I’ve got a carry-on suitcase, I also pull out all the things I’ll need on board (toiletry bag, book etc) and put them in the seat pocket or under the seat in front, so that I’m not disturbing my fellow passengers too many times throughout the flight.

What’s your strategy for carry-on packing?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

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