The week that was

White, peach, yellow and pink poppies in bloom.

It’s been a week of contrasts. Cool, grey and windy one day, then warm, sunny and still the next. A week of both deep, restful sleep and fractured, unsatisfying ‘extended naps’. Of growing flowers and buying them too, of quiet solo moments and noisy family time.

This is the week that was…


Billy button plants in pots against a dark brick wall.

Monday was a public holiday in my part of Australia, but I still had work. It was a pre-dawn start for me and while that 4:45am alarm was a bit of a rude awakening, it was lovely to get home mid afternoon to make the most of the sunshine . I managed to pop outside for a few minutes to have a walk around the garden, which is full of flowers and growth at this time of the year. The tiny billy button (Craspedia globosa) seeds I planted back in autumn have turned into thriving bushy plants, full of flowerheads. From my three plants I suspect I’ll get at least 26 flowers, which I’m rather impressed with – not bad in my first year growing these Australian natives.


The Lucid Coffee Bar in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

On Tuesday after another super early start, I treated myself to take away coffee mid-morning, at a little café that sits inside of a florist, just around the corner from my office. It’s always feels like such a treat to sit and wait for your order on the old velvet lounges in store and watch the florists at work, selecting stems and creating beautiful bouquets. Being the first day back after a long weekend, there weren’t too many flowers on show, but I did enjoy sitting among a collection of leafy, green plants. A welcome little break.


Bedside table wit lamp, mug and vase of poppies besides a made bed.

On Wednesday afternoon between finishing work and picking Paul up from daycare, I popped over to my friend Sophie’s flower farm. Spring is obviously a busy season for her and her business, but she quite often has sweet little posies available for sale out the front of her house. Sophie’s been featuring poppies a lot on her social media feeds these last few weeks, so I was absolutely chuffed when there was a few bunches left when I visited. When I spotted the colours in this particular posy, full of white, peach, pink and yellow, I knew that was the one I had to have. They match the sheets on the bed perfectly and I love waking up to their delicately smelling, frilly petals every morning.


Sunset in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Paul’s been sleeping for 10-12 hours pretty much every night this last week and I woke up Thursday morning feeling energised. It’s amazing what a few nights of really solid sleep can do for you, after so many months of fractured rest. Thursday was a day of work around the house, and for running errands in town. It was cool, grey and windy and felt more like winter than mid-spring, but after I put Paul to bed I noticed the incredible light outside in the western sky. I went outside and saw a golden orb shining brightly through the grey clouds, almost like a fusion of winter and spring together. I took a few moments to take it all then, then wandered back inside – a perfect way to the end the day.


Infant boy staring outside through a window.

On Friday afternoon, after sitting at his desk all day, Adam came out of his home office and decided he would mow the lawn. He was sick of staring at a computer screen and just wanted to be outside in the fresh air. Paul’s very curious about the world and just loves watching things occur. He stood for ages by our living room windows, favourite spoon in hand, watching Daddy go back and forth with the mower. It was so sweet to watch and I’m amazed at how quickly his attention span has expanded over the last few weeks. My baby is gone, replaced with an inquisitive little boy.


Ice cream cone with parkland in background.

After boasting about Paul’s sleep earlier in the week, Friday night turned into being one of his most restless evenings in ages. Needless to say we all started the weekend a little weary. It ended up being a slow morning at home. Adam knocked over some work, Paul went down for a very early nap and I got a few little jobs done. By early afternoon we all felt a bit better, so headed out to the Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens to soak up the spring sunshine. We made friends with some of the birds at the on-site aviary, indulged in the first ice-cream cones of the season (Paul was keen to have a taste, but wasn’t the biggest fan) and had a lovely little wander about. It was one of those really simple outings that left me feeling so very content.


View from Explorer Park, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Sunday was warm and sunny, so Adam and I decided to make the most of the beautiful weather by visiting a new park with Paul. Explorer Park is set in three hectares of rocky bushland, atop a hill in the residential suburb of Boorooma. It was such a clear day, we got great views over Wagga Wagga’s northern suburbs, as well as the surrounding farmland. The paved footpaths though steep, were concrete – which is a big plus when you’ve got a pram. What this park lacks in size, it makes up for with character and Adam and I both enjoyed using the binoculars at the park’s highest point, and may have also had a few sneaky rides on a flying fox in the playground. Sunday fun for the whole family!

How have your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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