The week that was

Paraffin lamp on wooden table.

The end of a holiday, a special gift from overseas and the first signs of spring – this is the week that was…


Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

Thursday was the last full day Adam and I had on holiday in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley.  We slept in, had a lazy morning in home before heading in town for some lunch. During the afternoon we took a drive and marvelled at the stunning countryside… imagining building our dream house on a large rural block with amazing views. We both crawled into bed that night feeling like we’d really unwound during our little break and felt good about coming home to Wagga Wagga.


Driving in the Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

The majority of Friday was spent on road, making our way back home to Wagga. I grew up going on long car journeys and remember I had a fear of falling asleep, because I was worried I might miss seeing something interesting outside of the window.  Even to this day, I struggle to sleep in the car – that urge to daydream and watch the scenery outside is too strong. I love watching the changes in the countryside and weather and people’s lives – even if it’s just a fleeting glance into a passing car or a front yard.


Toy sheep.

I went back to work on Saturday and it was rather nice to have the office to myself and the time to be able to go through my emails and catch up on what had happened in my absence.  Waiting for me on my desk was this rather fluffy Irish lamb – a gift for baby from a colleague who’d been away on a glorious five week holiday across Europe. I was immediately smitten with its sweet little face and I’ve got a feeling bub will like it just as much as I do.


A blue and white rug on a timber floor.

Sunday was one of those days where I felt like I achieved a lot.  There was yoga class in the morning, a delicious brunch in the sunshine, a few jobs around the house and the unrolling of this new rug that I picked up in Berry during my holiday.  I’ve been looking for a rug for the lounge room for months, but was never able to find anything that felt quite right.  Both Adam and I immediately liked this one when we spotted it, and it was marked down – so it felt like it was meant to come home with us!


Bulbs emerging from a woodchipped garden.

In the time that Adam and I were away, the first stems of the daffodils in our front yard emerged from the ground.   We planted an assortment of bulbs last autumn and managed to get a flush of flowers that spring, so we’re rather hoping they may have started to multiply and spread in the year in between.  Daffodils were one of Adam’s late father’s favourite flowers (and they’re also one of mine) so seeing them in our garden always makes me smile.  They’re also a wonderful reminder that spring will soon be here.


Laptop showing television show Fleabag.

Adam was away with work on Tuesday night, so I treated myself to a dinner of leftover shepherd’s pie and an early night in bed, watching the last few episodes of the first season of British comedy Fleabag. Countless people on my social media feeds raved about the show, so after discovering I could watch the first season in Australia free of charge, I gave in followed the crowd. It was quirky, dark, strangely endearing and unlike anything I’ve ever really watched before. I’m looking forward to season two.


Woman in tan boots standing on green grass.

On Wednesday morning I woke up to find the ducks that visited our front yard last year had returned! They were again nibbling at the weeds that come up through the lawn during winter, and just like last year didn’t seem too fond of visitors, so waddled away when I popped outside for a look. I can only assume they’ve returned to nest in a similar area, so I’m hopeful they’ll stick around for a few weeks and that hopefully I’ll spot some ducklings in the not too distant future.

How’s your last week been?

Have a wonderful weekend. x



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