Winter weed, winter feed

A clover patch.

One morning last week a pair of ducks appeared on our nature strip. Just the two of them, sticking close by each other, happily nibbling on the clover patches that have emerged over winter. I smiled to myself, noted how cute they looked and thought nothing more of it.

A day or so later, I saw the same ducks again – this time across the street in another yard. Now, I see them most mornings and I’ve named them our neighbourhood ducks…

It’s very dry in my part of Australia at the moment.  In fact 100 per cent of the state of New South Wales is declared in drought and both the state and federal governments have announced millions in dollars in aid to help farmers. I can only assume the ducks are a mated up pair, with a nest nearby and they’re making the most of a ready supply of winter weeds to feed on, because it’s slim pickings everywhere else.

Australian wood ducks

I’ve become quite attached to ‘our’ ducks and over the weekend, got very excited when I spotted them through the window while enjoying my morning coffee in bed. I even raced outside, still in my dressing gown, to get a closer look!

Every morning now I’m looking out for them. I’ve been working an early morning shift at work these past few days and I eagerly await popping home for my ‘breakfast break’ to spot them.  I love watching them waddle about – it’s one of those simple little pleasures, that always gives me a little warm buzz and is a nice pause in the day. They seem to have chosen one intersection to base themselves on, moving between three nature strips – including ours – and the park across the street.

Computer screen showing pictures of Australian wood ducks

The ducks don’t seem perturbed by the passing traffic, but are a little wary of people. From my observations I believe they’re Australian wood ducks. I’ve never been able to get too close and don’t want to scare them away.

I don’t know how much longer they’ll stick around, but the thought of possibly having some neighbourhood ducklings soon, has got me a little giddy.

Have you got any animals that have moved in to your neighbourhood?

Have a wonderful weekend. x

3 thoughts on “Winter weed, winter feed

  1. I live by a lake, so we get all sorts of ducks. One day, when I was coming back from work, I noticed the parents with a million cute baby duckies. I had to stop and admire the miracle of life. Unfortunately, some of the babies must have been snatched by predators, or been sick, because only a few are still hanging around with the protective mother.


    1. I fear for predators for my ducks too. Foxes are a huge problem in Australia and there are also lots of big trucks coming through my estate at the moment due to ongoing construction works. I really hope they’ll beat the odds! I’ll be sure to let you know when I see a fluffy duckling or two!

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