My meditation experiment

I’ve been trying really hard this year to live a little more thoughtfully.   To separate work time from down time, to notice the little joys of the everyday and to care for myself and those I love a little better.

Despite my intentions, I’ve still found myself overwhelmed on days – stressed about work, finances, family and planning a wedding abroad. So, the other day I thought I’d try something new – daily meditation…

I’ve not meditated much before.  Sure there’s been ‘quiet time’, but not meditation in the true sense.  I was first introduced to meditation through yoga classes at the gym, where the final 10 minutes is spent focusing on breathing and letting go of things you can’t control.  I’ve always enjoyed that time and always find myself really relaxed afterwards.

I decided I wanted to try and replicate that feeling every day, so I downloaded the Headspace app onto my phone. I’d read about the app in passing on a few blogs and in online articles and it’s received wide praise, so I figured I’d give it go too.

Woman in jeans sitting on check wool blanket with mobile phone beside her.

Upon downloading and signing up, I filled in a quick questionnaire about how much experience I’d had in meditation (a little), how long I wanted my meditation sessions to run for (five minutes) and what I wanted the focus of the sessions to be (reducing stress).

The app recommends meditating at the same time everyday, so I’m taking my ‘time out’ at 6pm – post work, pre evening wind-down. The app’s creator, Andy Puddicombe, talks you through each session… and I’ve got to say I find his steady, British accent really calming! So far I’ve stuck to my schedule and I’ve racked up almost half an hour of meditation over the last few days.

It’s still early days, but I find I’m looking forward to my meditation every day. I sneak off, put earbuds in, and usually sit on the floor, with my back up against the bed or a wall.  I always feel more calm afterwards and it’s been a nice way to separate busy day from the chill time.  Within days of me starting the daily meditations, I was confronted with a stressful situation at work – it had the potential to leave me frazzled and teary, but instead I felt clear-headed and in control.

Mini meditations available on the Headspace app.

I’ll definitely finish the current 10 session program I’m working my way through and I really like that the app has little one to three minute sessions available as well – handy for those moments when you might just need a little moment of calm.

Do you meditate?  Is a daily habit or something you do when and where you need it?  I’d love to know about your experience too.

Have a wonderful week. x


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