A toile and trousseau

Material, scissors and a pattern on a sewing table.

It’s just under 150 days until Adam and I get married.  It’s both a lifetime and an instant away. We’ve had a very relaxed approach to the whole process so far, and getting a large part of the planning done in England, before we moved back to Australia, has been a big help.

There’s still dozens of things to do, and we know that week before the big day, when we’re back in the U.K., it’ll be a mad rush, but for now we’re trying to keep calm and collected and enjoy the special little moments that are happening along the way.

I’m exceptionally lucky and grateful that my dress is being made by a distant relative of Adam’s, who lives here in Wagga Wagga with us.

Over the last few weeks, Rose and I have been regularly meeting up, and now my wedding dress is starting to come to life…

Using a picture I found online, Rose drafted a pattern for my dress and then proceeded to create a calico toile – a ‘test dress’ like, so we could see the cut and make adjustments to the fit.

Although it’s not cut from the same material as the dress, it still gives a good impression and for me, allowed a proper visualisation of what I’d seen online.  Even though it was covered in pins and I was barefaced and unadorned, trying on that toile for the first time was really very special.

Part of a calico toile of a wedding dress sitting on a sewing table.

The material for the dress and its lining is now sitting in Rose’s sewing room and all going to plan, she should start cutting over the next few days.

French lace sitting on top of a paper dress pattern.

Rose has also decided she wants to make me a few special extras – a trosseaus of lovely undergarments I can have for my wedding day and for special occasions thereafter. There’s a wonderful intimacy to our conversations about what I’d like, and as Rose has been measuring, tucking, pinning and fitting, she’s been telling me about her dressmaking training in Sydney as a young woman – of the hours she spent studying and practicing, and all the amazing articles of clothing she’s able to create.

A silk-satin bustier, a wedding dress pattern and a box of pins sitting on a sewing table.

All wedding dresses are special, but I love that I’m able to see my gown come to life and that with each stitch, there’s a story – a moment in time, that’s attached.

Have a wonderful weekend. x



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