The suitcase guide: Mackay & the Whitsundays

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia.

A little over 24 hours ago Adam, his mum, step-dad and my brother landed in sunny Queensland and made our selves comfortable at my parent’s house.

It’s been around seven months since all of us have been in the same room together and it’s the first time Adam and I have seen my folks since arriving back in Australia.

So far it’s been a whirlwind of cuddles and conversations as we celebrate a holiday, an engagement, and an impending wedding all in one.

Adam and I have travelled very light on this break, as we left quite a few things at my parent’s house before moving abroad. I can’t really recall what – so instead of throwing a few random things in my bag and hoping it’d match up with what was waiting for me in Queensland, I decided to use my recent 10 x 10 challenge to help me pack…

My rules for packing were simple – everything had to be able to be mixed and matched, and be breathable in warm-weather appropriate fabrics.

My parent’s part of Australia doesn’t really get an autumn, so apart from a few items that would be suitable for a chilly early morning flight out of Canberra I collated my 10 items with summer in mind.

In the end I settled on:

Flat lay of items in 10x10 style challenge.

  • one pair of jeans
  • two pairs of shorts
  • two short sleeve t-shirts
  • one 3/4 length t-shirt
  • a strappy summer dress
  • a pair of sneakers
  • a pair of sandals
  • a pair of flip flops/thongs

I chose not to include a jacket and scarf, which I knew I would need on our day of departure and on the two flights north – I hate feeling cold on planes!  I figured both could also act as makeshift pillows if I felt the need for a kip 10,000 feet up.

Flat lay of olive cotton jacket and burgundy scarf.

I also decided to leave my swimmers and board shorts/swim shorts out, as although I’m sure they’ll get plenty of use, they felt too ‘activity specific’ to include in my curated selection.

Black and white striped one piece swimsuit and black board shorts.

We’ve got quite a lot planned for our time in Queensland – lots of pool/beach time, an island cruise, a visit to a rainforest and of course heaps of outdoor meals. I’ll be interested to see how my selections stand up, and if I can work any of my ‘old clothes’ into my holiday colour palette of white, grey and green (with a few splashes of black).

I’m looking forward to sharing more about our getaway over the coming weeks, but for now, have a wonderful weekend!



3 thoughts on “The suitcase guide: Mackay & the Whitsundays

    1. No ‘holiday’ per se in the American sense. I’m on a week’s vacation from my job (I get six weeks annually through my job) and Adam works for himself, so is pretty flexible with his hours. His mum and stepdad are visiting from England, so we’re taking advantage of having both sides of family in the one country to spend some time together. Have a wonderful day!

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