A solo supper

Bacon frying in a pan and pasta boiling in a pot.

Adam has been away with work this week, so I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to cook myself some of my favourite solo suppers.

There has been Tasmanian grown salmon (which Adam can’t stand the smell of), salads full of caramelised roast vegetables, a golden turmeric tinged pilaf and a carbonara that feels oh-so-indulgent…

I came across this particular carbonara recipe last year, after Adam and I picked up a second hand copy of Nigella Lawson’s first cook book- ‘How To Eat’. Although she cops quite a lot of slack for her unique presenting style, I’m a fan of her recipes as they’re generally pretty straight forward and always deliver a delicious meal.

Nigella Lawson's How to Eat cook book.

I first made this non-cream carbonara for myself while Adam was away on a three week work trip last summer, so it always brings back memories of that time in the U.K. by myself. The recipe is specially written to create a two plate portion.  Nigella says it’s up to you to decide if that’s suitable for one or two!

The cook book we’ve got is a first edition and even though I’ve looked online I can’t find this *exact* recipe anywhere.  I think it’s a winner and a great little comfort dish, particularly as the weather cools.

What you’ll need:

200g of spaghetti

2 teaspoons of olive oil (I generally just use a tiny splash)

100g of pancetta (I tend to use bacon as it’s normally always in the house – I find about 4 rashers does it)

4 table spoons of Noilly Prat (I go with a good glug of white wine)

1 egg yolk

1 whole egg

4 tablespoons of fresh parmesan

black pepper and fresh nutmeg

1 moulded tablespoon of butter

How to do it: (my abridged version of Nigella’s method)

In a bowl whisk together the egg yolk, egg, cheese, pepper and nutmeg.  Set to one side.

Pop your pasta into a well salted pot and cook until al dente.

In a fry pan cook the bacon in the oil. until it’s starting to crisp up, then add your wine and let it all reduce down into a sticky, sauce.  Turn off the heat and stir in the butter.

After draining the pasta and returning it to the pot (with a tiny amount of the pasta water still clinging to the spaghetti strands), stir through the wine infused bacon sauce. Then quickly stir through the egg mixture until a creamy like sauce is created – make sure you don’t do this over heat, otherwise Nigella warns, you’ll get scrambled eggs!

It takes all of about 15 minutes to create and delivers the most decadent dish.

Hand holding bowl of pasta on check wool blanket

I’ve found it’s served best on the lounge, under a blanket, watching telly. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend. x



2 thoughts on “A solo supper

    1. It’s a great quick recipe Jane – and we normally always have all the ingredients in the house, so it’s a good one to have on hand for those nights when you’re looking for an easy supper. x


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