The magazine exchange

Magazines opened wide on floor.

In that hazy period between Christmas and New Year, while Adam and I were madly trying to get our home sorted, one of his Australian relatives thrust a bundle of home decorating/gardening/interior design magazines into my arms….

I was chuffed.  I’ve always loved flipping through a magazine. There’s a quiet solitude to it all.  I enjoy a great page turning novel, but sometimes I just want to read a short article and get lost in pretty pictures.  We were putting aside all of our extra cash into buying practical items for the house at the time, so it felt like a real luxury to have a stack of magazines to digest at my pleasure.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working my way through those magazines.  Sometimes I’ll sit there lazily on a Sunday afternoon – sipping tea, nibbling biscuits and getting lost in a story about basket makers in England.

Magazine open beside cup of tea and plate of biscuits.

Other times when I’ve come home from work and need half an hour to let my brain slow down after a hectic day, I’ll flick through one, just looking at the images.

I finished that stack of magazines the other day and mentioned to their original owner that I was done and could bring them back when she wanted. She told me:

 “I don’t want them back, I’ve read them.  You pass them on again.”

I thought about that original feeling I got when the magazines were passed onto me.  It was an unexpected gift and I savoured my time perusing those pages, sometimes in editions that I would never have bought for myself.  To be able to give someone else that same warm, little glow excited me.

Stack of magazines on tabletop.

So… if you live in or around Wagga Wagga and fancy some new reading material, please get in touch! I’d love to pass these magazines on to another grateful recipient. They’re not the most recent editions and some are more loved than others but if you like pretty homes and gardens I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

In the meantime, I’ve been given a second stack of reading material, so I’m busy getting lost in those and can’t wait to pass them on in due course too.

Have a wonderful weekend. x


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