Bon voyage

In just under an hour, Adam and I will board the plane to take us on the first leg of our journey to the United Kingdom.  It was surreal sitting in the taxi going to the airport this morning.  This major event, that we’d talked, planned and imagined for months was finally here!

The inevitable wait at the airport to board (someone looks a bit bored too!)

There were a few tears this morning, when we said goodbye to my grandparents, who we had stayed with for our last two nights in Australia. I sat on their back verandah, steaming mug of tea in hand, and just took in the scene around me.  I was surrounded by people I loved, a green backyard full of palm trees, and could taste that faint hint of humidity Queensland exudes at this time of the year.  It was bliss.

All going to plan, we should land in the UK on Saturday morning (UK time). I’m so excited to see Adam’s home town and meet his family that I’ve heard so much about.  We’ve already got ‘pints at the pub’ lined up with his best mate, and there’ll be a big family lunch on Sunday, complete with Granny’s famous chocolate roulade (which I’m told is the best in all of England!).  It’s predicted to be damp and about 11 degrees when we land – a rude shock after the warm, sunny 27-30 degree days we’ve been experiencing over the last month or so.

Ready to go!

I’ve got a new book to read on the plane – The Girls by Emma Cline, I’ve read mixed reviews about it over the last few months, so I’m keen to start it myself. There’ll also be movies to watch, and daydreams to be had as we watch the world go by from the window. I’ve got a good feeling about this international move, it feels like it’ll be the start of an amazing experience.

So it’s hooroo to ‘the land down under’, we’ll see you soon Worcestershire!



One thought on “Bon voyage

  1. Lovely photo of you two at airport. We are missing you both. The house seems so quiet after the last few weeks spent together. Lots of love Mum and Dad xoxo


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