The travelling wardrobe

When it comes to packing a bag to take on holiday, I’m pretty good – normally well under the airline weight limit, with space for shopping! I’ve got to say though, packing for a lengthy stay in the opposite hemisphere with an Autumn arrival, was a little tricky.

The bag is now packed – but it took a while to get there!

I started mentally compiling a list of what clothes and shoes I wanted to take to England months ago. The items needed to be winter compatible and due to luggage restrictions, be mix and matchable. I also became really disciplined in the months before our departure with my clothes/shoe shopping – anything I bought myself had to be ‘England friendly’.  To further help refine my wardrobe down, I did a lot of reading online about capsule wardrobes. My friend Sonya suggested I take a look at this blog – it’s since become one I regularly peruse, and I love the simple aesthetic Caroline has.

I narrowed my England wardrobe down to a colour scheme of black, white, navy blue and grey.  They’re colours I wear regularly, and provide a fairly neutral base that can be jazzed up with brighter accessories.

Denim, merino and stripes are also a common feature of my England wardrobe.

I’m a jeans kinda girl, so they formed a big part of my wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed up for a night out, or are a classic choice for everyday wear. My merino jumpers can be worn alone, or layered with a collared shirt, and most people who know me well, can attest for my love of stripes! So plenty of stripy tops (and even a stripy dress) made the ‘final bag’.

As well as a camel trench coat I own (again, another classic choice that works with numerous outfits for numerous occasions), I packed a couple of heavier duty outerwear options: a puffy jacket (some people hate them – but after years of living in southern New South Wales, I’ve embraced their doona like warmth), a soft shell jacket lined with polar fleece (could be worn under the puffy jacket in really cold weather) and two fleecy outdoorsy jackets – perfect for long walks and running errands.  These all didn’t fit within my colour scheme, but given they’re outerwear I was happy to have some contrast to my muted palette.

Closed in and water proof – practical shoes only for this trip!

Boots take up a lot of space in a suitcase – but they’re really the only sensible footwear choice. I’m taking three pairs, two trusty Australian classics and my ‘Bean boots‘ – discovered while visiting the United State’s New England region a few years ago. They’re water proof, and have wonderful grip and I’ve got no doubt will become my ‘daily shoe’ very soon.

I’ve had two suitcase culls since we left Wagga Wagga.  I very much overpacked. It’s true what they say – pack and then halve what’s in your suitcase. I still probably have a little too much… but my bag is under the flight weight limit, so it can’t hurt to have a few extras can it?!

What are your tips for packing? I’d love to know your secrets to a good suitcase wardrobe!


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